Football Manager 2023: How to get the game cheap

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Football Manager 2023 hit video game stores in November 2022 and has been delivering plenty of fun, excitement and virtual managerial experience for gamers across the globe since.

As is the trend for games, the titles can be bought at discounted prices a few months after they are released. It's no different for a game like FM2023 as it is now the cheapest it has ever been to purchase.

If you're considering getting the game for yourself or as a gift for someone, GOAL has every bit of information you will need to get it at the best deal available.

How to get Football Manager 2023 cheap

Football Manager 2023 has been available to buy since November 2022 but you can now get it at a discounted price.

FM 2023 is now available at 20% discount on PC/Mac, Console, Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The sale is on till 6pm GMT on Thursday, February 2. (Timings and discounts may vary by platform and territory.) You can read more about the discount here.

How much will Football Manager 2023 cost?


Normal price

Discount price

Football Manager 2023



Football Manager 2023 Console



Football Manager 2023 Touch



Football Manager 2023 Mobile



As you may have noticed, the current sale is the cheapest the game has ever been since its release back in November 2022.

It also coincides with the game's launch on Playstation 5.

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