FAM locked in legal battles on two fronts

FAM President working hard to ensure FAM do not lose RM34 million in contractual violations

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The President of Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), HRH Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (TMJ) has expressed his disappointment in the manner in which FAM deal with two previous contracts that are currently on-going legal matters.

In an announcement made on Thursday afternoon, TMJ lashed out in the irresponsible manner in which the previous Executive Committee (Exco) of FAM conducted contracts with MP & Silva and the arrangement with regards to the Young Tigers development squad in their assignment in Slovakia.

FAM are currently involved in legal battle on both of those fronts that would require the governing body to pay RM25 million and RM9 million respectively, should they lose the case. A very significant sum considering the discovery that the body is lacking RM40 million to run their activities.

In 2015, FAM signed a deal with MP & Silva, an international media rights company for the M-League. The initial deal was said to be worth around RM1.26 billions spread across 15 years, starting from 2016. A payment of RM70 million was to be paid to FAM and subsequently distributed to the teams in 2016.

However, MP & Silva reportedly pulled the plug on the deal after finding difficulties in selling the rights to the M-League. It is said the there's a lack of fulfillment on the part of FAM that caused the deal to be dissolved and thus the subsequent legal battle.

As for the other matter, the dissolvent of the Young Tigers program meant that FAM could not fulfill prior obligations with regards to playing in Slovakia and thus deemed to have violated the contract that was signed previously. 

TMJ is hoping for a quick resolution on both matters and have seek out meetings with respective parties, hoping to complete an out-of-court settlement that would cause the least financial damage to FAM.

The new president is working hard to ensure that new funds can be channeled into the governing body to facilitate their planned activities and would not want to see these new funds go to close old wounds.


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