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Arsenal fan calls for the head of the club's kitman!

23:25 GMT+3 11/03/2017
Vic Akers Arsenal
Three decades of sterling work in north London apparently aren't enough to keep Vic Akers out of the firing line for one possibly confused supporter

A case of mistaken identity, or just an extremely odd vendetta? The 'Wenger out' calls are nothing new at Arsenal - but now fans are turning on the kitman!

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Vic Akers has been at the north London club for over 30 years, and is widely considered a Gunners legend for his work with the community and with the all-conquering Ladies team. 

He currently works as Arsenal's kit manager, and must have been surprised to see his name come up in a protest ahead of the side's FA Cup clash with Lincoln City. 

"Akers Out, Wenger out", a fan demanded in a photo that quickly did the rounds on Twitter, causing outrage and derision among fellow Gunners supporters. 

Either Akers is paying the price for somehow falling short in his kit duties, or one misguided soul has him confused with some other guilty party at the underachieving Premier League giants - because as far as we know, and just like Arsenal's freshly laundered shirts, the kitman is squeaky clean.