Why this Brazilian from the J League is a FIFA 19 bargain

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The inform card has remarkable stats with excellent pace, strength and finishing plus the added bonus of four-star skills and weak-foot

With FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, there are more card options than ever before: Icons, Team of the Years, Flashbacks, Future Stars etc., and with so many cards being released, there are always going to be hidden gems that go under that radar.

Just lately, there's one hiding in plain sight - the most recent Team of the Week.

Anderson Lopes has everything you could want from a striker; he's fast (90 acceleration, 92 pace), he's great on the ball (95 agility, 83 dribbling), he's strong (86 strength) and he's a clinical shooter (86 shot power, 82 finishing).

And if that wasn't already enough, the man also has four-star skills and a four-star weak-foot which makes him adaptable and effective in every attacking scenario.

All of this for his discard value of 12,000 coins on the market - you would be absolutely crazy to not take advantage if you're looking for a cheap yet effective forward.

Though of course at 77-rated, there has to be some downsides and one area that Lopes is really lacking is in the air. Despite being tall at 6'1" the forward only has 65 jumping, 59 heading and 61 volleys.

And, of course, coming from the Japanese league means that Anderson most likely won't fit into your team unless you have a Brazilian squad or just really like Andres Iniesta, but with his burst of speed and ability on the ball, Lopes is suited to working as a super-sub anyway.

And though usually a lot of fast but cheap players struggle from stamina issues, Lopes can put in a full shift with 83 stamina. A forward who is fast, strong, adaptable and clinical is extremely rare at this price point and is definitely worth taking a chance on.

A lot of FIFA fans rave about Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus but despite the fact that his overall is six points higher than Anderson, he is slower (86 pace), weaker (68 strength), has worse shooting (80) and a worse weak-foot (three stars).

The Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo player was spotted by FIFA expert and host of the FUT Weekly podcast, Ben Salem. Salem said: "That 77 rating is very misleading - if you apply a Deadeye chemistry style he’s actually an 86 rated CF. 

"He’ll have an outstanding 99 agility, as well as 90+ strength, finishing, long shots and shot power with the Marksman chemistry style. He lacks in balance and passing, but for a 77-rated striker, you can’t expect icon stats. 

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"Compare his in-game stats to Arsenal’s 87-rated Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (with the same chemistry style) and you’ll find that they are very similar.

"Personally, I’d take Anderson Lopes for his top tier agility and shooting."