Which UK club has won the most trophies? Most successful teams listed

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Football in the United Kingdom has produced many successful clubs through the years.

The United Kingdom is home to famous divisions like the Premier League and Scottish Championship, which have witnessed fierce rivalries and clubs with rich legacies over several decades.

Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Celtic, Rangers, Chelsea, and Arsenal have all managed to consistently achieve success. But who is ahead in terms of trophies? GOAL has the list.

Which UK club has won the most trophies?

Regarding the number of trophies won, Scottish giants Celtic and Rangers take the lead and are ahead of Premier League clubs.

Rangers are four honours ahead of rivals Celtic on the list, which also has Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, from the third position to sixth.

The list of the top 10 football clubs in terms of trophies won* in the United Kingdom can be seen below.

Name of clubNumber of trophies won
Manchester United68
Manchester City29
Tottenham Hotspur26
Aston Villa25

*Please note that only the major and well-known honours are considered when creating this list.

It can be argued that the level of competition is different in the two regions of Scotland and England as only two Scottish clubs feature in the top 10. Premier League has been much more competitive in comparison.

Which UK club has won most league titles?

Once again, the Scottish clubs Rangers and Celtic top the list when it comes to league titles won. Manchester United hold the record for the most league titles won among English clubs, having won their 20th title in 2012-13 under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Name of clubNumber of trophies won
Manchester United20
Manchester City8
Aston Villa7

Which UK club has won most European Cups/Champions Leagues?

English clubs dominate the space for European success as the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have impressed with their continental record. See below the top six UK clubs that have won the most European Cups/Champions Leagues.

Name of clubNumber of trophies won
Manchester United3
Nottingham Forest2
Aston Villa1

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