WATCH: Thomas Muller's hilarious passport phone stunt

The Bayern Munich forward avoided having to take questions from journalists by faking a phone call on his passport as he travelled through the airport

Ever find yourself walking through the airport only find yourself hounded by journalists and paparazzi? Probably not, but if you're a world class footballer, it is likely to be a frequent occurence.

When you just want to get back home to your family after a trip away with the team in Qatar, you don't really want to answer more questions about football. That is probably how Thomas Muller felt when Bayern Munich landed in Germany after their mid-season training break in Doha.

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To avoid having to chat with journalists on arrival at the airport, the Germany international devised a clever - and hilarious - plot to save himself from answering questions.

Nobody ever tries to talk to you if you're already talking to someone else on the phone. But what do you do if you don't have a phone nearby? Use your passport as a fake phone, of course!

Bayern Munich resume their league campaign on Friday, January 20 with a trip to Freiburg. Carlo Ancelotti's club currently lead the table by three points, sitting above challengers RB Leipzig at the top of the Bundesliga.