VIDEO: Fence collapses during wild goal celebrations

Newcastle Jets supporters got a little over excited after seeing their side take the lead during an A-League meeting with Perth Glory

When you take the decision to go and watch a football match, you want to see goals.

And when said goals arrive, you want to be able to go absolutely wild in celebration – as long as it is your side that has found the target!

Occasionally, though, things can be taken a bit too far and the adrenaline rush comes back to haunt you.

That was the case for Newcastle Jets supporters during their A-League clash with Perth Glory on Sunday, as they literally pushed the boundaries of acceptable celebration.

They were, quite rightly, overjoyed to see Andrew Nabbout put them 2-1 in front during first-half stoppage-time.

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The Jets had been trailing in the contest and were understandably delighted to have turned the tie on its head.

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Nabbout, though, opted to share the moment with those in the crowd, sparking a surge in the stands which led to the collapse of a fence.

Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt and those involved were able to return to their seats.

There was not much else for those involved to get excited about after calm had been restored, with the Jets conceding early in the second half to finish the game 2-2.