VAR officials punished! Darren England & Dan Cook taken off Premier League games following Luis Diaz offside blunder in Liverpool's defeat to Tottenham

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  • Referee body suspend duo
  • 'Significant human error' disallowed goal
  • VAR under fire after string of mistakes

WHAT HAPPENED? The duo will miss fixtures they were due to officiate in after a 'significant human error' caused a 34th-minute Luis Diaz goal to be incorrectly ruled out during Tottenham's 2-1 win over Liverpool on Saturday.

A statement from PGMOL read: "Darren England and Dan Cook have been replaced for the Nottingham Forest v Brentford and Fulham v Chelsea matches. Craig Pawson will now assume England’s duties as 4th official at City Ground while Eddie Smart will take over from Cook as assistant ref at Craven Cottage."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The incident was a significant blow to the credibility of VAR. Already under fire after a number of decisions this season, the bungling of a straightforward offside call will only serve to undermine confidence in the use of technology and promote debate on the system and its wider ramifications for the game.

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WHAT NEXT FOR THE PGMOL AND VAR? Referee boss Howard Webb will be hoping for no further incidents as the Premier League matchweek concludes with Brentford's trip to Nottingham Forest on Sunday and Fulham's meeting with Chelsea on Monday night.