WATCH: Melbourne derby abandoned as goalkeeper left bloodied after sparking pitch invasion by throwing flare into stands

Melbourne City 2022 Tom GloverGetty Images
  • Protests planned before kick-off
  • Fans agreed to walk out
  • More drama sparked mid-game

WHAT HAPPENED? In the derby meeting between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory, goalkeeper Glover hurled a flair into a section of the away crowd which led to furious supporters storming onto the pitch and throwing a flare bucket at the player's head. That left Glover with a nasty cut on his face and the game has since been abandoned, though City were leading 1-0.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Tensions were already high as supporters were set to abandon the derby after 20 minutes in a protest against the decision to sell the A-League grand final to Sydney.

WHAT NEXT FOR GLOVER? The Melbourne City goalkeeper was left with a cut to the head and now has a suspected concussion.