Slipped through Chelsea's fingers! Juventus ready to hand new contract to youngster Samuel Iling-Junior

Samuel Iling-Junior Juventus 2023-24Getty Images
  • Juventus to hand Iling-Junior a new contract
  • Chelsea wanted youngster
  • New deal would run to 2027

WHAT HAPPENED? After fighting off many suitors in the summer, Tuttomercatoweb reports that the Italian giants are ready to sign their versatile youngster to a multi-year contract. The 19-year-old had multiple proposals during the summer transfer window, but Juventus set a high €25 million price tag to turn away would-be purchasers. The strategy was spot on since they were able to retain the Englishman, who has excelled in the early Serie A season.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Massimiliano Allegri has often given Iling-Junior first-team opportunities due to his rise to prominence, despite the fact that more seasoned players like Filip Kostic and Andrea Cambiaso play in his position. His current Juventus contract expires in 2025. However, the club proposes to make it last at least until 2027. Juve want* to avoid a repeat of the spectacular incident with Adrien Rabiot earlier this summer.


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WHAT NEXT FOR IlING-JUNIOR? The youngster is likely to feature for the Bianconeri on Tuesday, September 26 against Lecce.