How to play Football Manager 2024 through Netflix

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The highly-awaited football simulation game, Football Manager 24 is scheduled to be released on November 6 as fans eagerly wait for the latest edition of the game.

Being called the "end of an era", after developer Sports Interactive switched to Unity for Football Manager 25, the new instalment of the game has garnered plenty of excitement heading toward its release.

FM24 recently revealed that users will be able to download the Mobile game through one of the globe's leading streaming platforms, Netflix, after its release.

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Football Manager 24 Mobile isn't the first game on the over-the-top streaming platform with games like Ghost Catchers and Vikings: Valhalla also making their appearance on the American platform.

GOAL takes a look at how users can download the game through Netflix and what they'll need to access the game.

How to play Football Manager 2024 Mobile through Netflix

With Football Manager 24 touted to release in the first week of November, the game's developers have announced an added advantage to Netflix users looking to play the mobile version of the game.

If a user has an ongoing Netflix subscription they can use the streaming platform to download the game. The much-awaited game will appear in a different tab in a Games Row section for Apple users while Android users will have a Game tab on their devices.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile will also be available to download through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for Android users and iPhone users respectively but you would still need a Netflix subscription to access the game and witness its new, scintillating features.

Players will have the opportunity to sign in to their Netflix accounts when they open the game if they haven't logged in already, and then begin their incredible experience. If a user doesn't have a Netflix subscription, they'll have to purchase a new one to enjoy the game.

Football Manager 24 is scheduled to release more updates about their game and its fantastic features commencing on 23rd October and fans are waiting to see what the new edition will bring.

One crucial thing to keep in mind is that FM24 will not be available to download through Netflix on PCs and consoles.

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