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FIFA 19 sneak peek with Chelsea as David Luiz dominates

13:33 GMT+3 24/07/2018
FIFA 19 Chelsea sneak peak
EA Sports lifted the lid ever so slightly on an early edition of the annual football video game

Wild screams echo throughout the room - David Luiz has just scored a cracker in FIFA 19 and wants the world to know about it.

The Brazilian defender is a mixture of cool calmness and wild energy with the controller in hand - much like he his with the ball at his feet.

In a round-robin tournament hosted by EA Sports in Perth with three other Chelsea players and various football media, Luiz comes out on top.

He leaves teammates Tiemoue Bakayoko, Ethan Ampadu and Ola Aina in his wake and celebrates like he's won another FA Cup.

Despite the frenzied joy of a FIFA win, Luiz is humble in victory, making a point to shake everyone's hand before leaving the room in a blaze of glory.

The tournament offered not only a sneak peak into Luiz's FIFA ability, but also the next instalment in the video game franchise. 

Still over two months from release, EA were willing to offer a quick look under the hood of an early version of FIFA 19 and the brief glimpse was promising.

As ever, the visuals are the first thing that catches the eye and FIFA 19 once again manages to make the graphics even sharper.

The brightness of a match played in day-time sun stood out, with a previously glary viewing experience replaced by a much more pleasant shade of sunlight.

The FIFA hub has also undergone some minor advancements and appears to be more user friendly.

In terms of gameplay, it's difficult to make a judgement so soon but no radical changes were noticed.

Crossing did feel more responsive than previous editions with many of the goals in the tournament in fact coming from that route.

Running and dribbling has been slowed down somewhat too, as FIFA likely looks to shed its arcade stereotype and offer realism on par with PES.

Overall though, FIFA 19 was fairly easy to pick up and play suggesting no major changes have been made.

While the verdict will remain out on the latest FIFA for some time, it's safe to say David Luiz is a fan already. 

FIFA 19 will be released globally on September 28.