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I'm a Celebrity: Jill Scott, Ian Wright, David Ginola & football players & partners to have entered the jungle

15:00 GMT+3 06/11/2022
Ian Wright David Ginola Maeva Denat Jill Scott
From Ian Wright to Harry Redknapp, to Rebekah Vardy to David Ginola, here's the football figures who appeared on the popular reality show

Reality television series I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! is as addictive as it is horrifying to most viewers, where celebrities and high-profile figures are made to survive in an Australian jungle for several weeks in dire conditions.

Contestants are made to compete in gruesome challenges in their quest to be crowed 'King' or 'Queen' of the jungle, and over the years, a fair few figures of the football industry have been made to survive in the wild.

GOAL takes a look at former football players, managers and partners who have been participants of the show.

  • Jill Scott England Women 2022

    Jill Scott

    A European Championship winner with England in 2022, Jill Scott went straight into the jungle after her success with the Lionesses and was considered by many to have what it takes to be crowned 'Queen of the Jungle'.

    The first women's footballer to appear on the UK series, Scott had a vocal backing from those in the sport.

    "I just want to go in there and have fun," she told the Daily Mail. "It's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. But yeah, a small part of me does feel like I'm representing the women's football world and hopefully I can do them proud."

  • Ian Wright Arsenal

    Ian Wright

    The former Arsenal forward joined the series for its 2019 edition, but when speaking of his involvement following the conclusion of season, felt disappointed by the way he was portrayed and that fans weren't able to have a glimpse of his more "vulnerable" side.

    "To be totally honest, if I could take that time back I would," Wright said in 2020.

    "They let me down by not showing the whole picture of who I am.

    "I'm never far away from feeling like I could cry. I have very deep feelings that I've had to learn to deal with, but I still have my moments."

  • David Ginola 2021

    David Ginola

    Former Tottenham and Aston Villa star David Ginola joined the series for its 21st season, and said of his involvement: “I don't know much about the show I don't know much about the trials, I think right now that I'm not scared about anything but you need to wait for the time where you're going to face the situation where you're probably in a different mood.

    “I actually don't really think about it right now I just want to wait and see how I'm gonna feel when the things are presented. Obviously there's a few things I'm worried about but they're not important.”

  • Harry Redknapp I'm a Celeb

    Harry Redknapp

    The former Tottenham and West Ham was crowned the winner of the show in 2018, beating John Barrowman and Emily Atack, and had a successful debut – having charmed audiences with tales about failing to recognise Prince Harry and accidentally calling him 'mate' as well as taking being forced to eat emu meat in good stride.
  • Rebekah Vardy I'm a Celeb

    Rebekah Vardy

    Jamie Vardy's wife, Rebekah, appeared on the reality show in 2017 and was eliminated in ninth place. She recently spoke about her experiences on the show, saying how the whole production was 'fake' and criticised it for being heavily edited and scripted.
  • Wayne Bridge I'm a Celeb

    Wayne Bridge

    The former England international spent 21 days in the jungle in 2016 and got the boot in a shock elimination that sent two campers home. Bridge spoke about how he struggled being away from his family while filming the show, and also stated how the series helped him overcome his fear of spiders – "I ain't afraid of spiders now, we used to argue over who would get rid of them but now I will."
  • Kieron Dyer I'm a Celeb

    Kieron Dyer

    The former England and Ipswich footballer appeared on I'm a Celebrity's 15th series, lasting 21 days in the jungle and donating his prize money to the Jude Brady Foundation.

    The ex-midfielder was embroiled in one of the show's most controversial rows when he got into a ferocious argument with Lady Colin Campbell – but was eventually persuaded to stay by Chris Eubank.

  • Sheryl Gascoigne

    Sheryl Gascoigne

    Sheryl, the former wife of ex-England midfielder Paul Gascoigne, appeared on the show in 2010 and joined as the series' highest-paid contestant of that series – earning £95,000. 

    She was the first contestant to receive the boot from the show and didn't appear to be a favourite with the audiences.

    Gascoigne said after being voted out: "I'm so pleased. There's only so much dark and dampness and rain and wet towels you can take."

  • Neil Ruddock I'm a Celeb

    Neil Ruddock

    The former Liverpool and Tottenham defender appeared on the show in 2014 and treated the nation to a version of Hank Mizell's rockabilly song 'Jungle Rock' during a challenge.

    He recently warned the contestants of this current series about his friend Harry Redknapp and how he has no patience for 'whingers', saying:  "Harry gets on with everyone, but Harry can snap. Harry as a manager is your best mate and your worst enemy. If you do something wrong, he is on you.

    "If anyone whinges, Harry just tells you to get on with it. Likewise if anyone lets the team down – Harry is a proper team man so you have to be a team in there."

  • John Fashanu

    John Fashanu

    Fashanu isn't really a name that will ring a bell for football fans – he earned two England caps in 1989 but most notably spent eight years at Wimbledon from 1986-1994 as well as various spells at the likes of Millwall and Aston Villa – but the former striker finished as a runner-up in the series' second season and ate fine delicacies such as beetle larvae, greens ants and mealworms.
  • Alex Best I'm a Celeb

    Alex Best

    Alex Best, the wife of late former footballer George Best, competed in the third series of the show and was forced to overcome her fear of snakes when she had to crawl into an empty tank in search of stars while also fighting off various bugs, insects and other lizard creatures.
  • Jimmy Bullard I'm a Celeb

    Jimmy Bullard

    The former Peterborough and Hull City footballer left the show in controversial circumstances in 2014, having been voted off the show after a row with Jake Quickenden.

    Viewers gave him the boot him after he clashed with former X Factor hopeful Quickenden, asking him: "Why the f*** are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?"

    After his departure, Bullard - who defended himself as the jungle camp's joker - said his comments had simply been 'banter' and proceeded to celebrate his exit with a fry-up.

  • Carly Zucker Cole I'm a Celeb

    Carly Zucker

    Joe Cole's partner Carly Zucker had one of the more eventful experiences in the camp in the show's eighth series, coming within inches of a brush with death after unwittingly taking a shower with one of the world's deadliest snakes.

    To make matters worse, she had a miserable time on the show – complaining about back ache and missing her family – and the show's bosses even refused to fly her home even when she requested to leave, as she was under contract to appear in the finale of the series.

  • Dennis Wise I'm a Celeb

    Dennis Wise

    The former Chelsea and Millwall midfielder was an unpopular contestant in the series when he featured in 2017, after they deemed that he bullied radio host Iain Lee after the pair fought over a Bushtucker Trial.

    After both Jamie Lomas and Lee put themselves forward to do the Tutankha-Doom challenge, Wise suggested that Lee shouldn’t be the one to do it as he had previously failed two tasks.