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The best leather soccer cleats to buy in 2023

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If you're looking for a pair of soccer cleats but want something nostalgic and reliable, leather cleats are for you. There are tons of new options out there with the latest tech, but you just can't beat the old-fashioned look and the feel of a pair of leather cleats.

With hundreds on offer - including some that intertwine the modern features of cleats today with the classic leather cleat look - you can indulge in the best of modern tech and classic, durable leather.

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Our top three:

Best overall leather soccer cleats: adidas Copa Sense.2

Best budget leather soccer cleats: Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Club 

Best Firm Ground soccer cleats: adidas Copa Mundial 


Are leather cleats better than synthetic ones?

It's hard to deny that leather cleats produce superior stability widely treasured by some of the game's leading players. Their leather uppers tend to be rigid in support and able to weather frequent usage. In contrast, their construction makes them heavier than the rest of their synthetic counterparts. Their well-honed construction, perfected over decades of cleat-making techniques, means that while some consider them old-fashioned, they stand the test of time.

What is the difference between leather cleats and others?

Several differences – some large, some subtle – exist between leather cleats and cleats designed from other materials. Studded soles, for example, are a non-starter for indoor courts. Leather cleats tend to be wrought with more obvious markings and may be marginally heavier than expected - but they will still deliver the same functionality and support found with other cleats, possibly even more so. 

How do I clean leather cleats?

Maintaining real leather or even sustainable, animal-free options, it's important to care for them properly in order to ensure that you increase their life, so you can enjoy them for longer. They also tend to be on the pricier side compared to synthetic cleats, so they're well worth maintaining on a regular basis. GOAL have put together an 8-step detailed step-by-step guide and the products you will need to make sure they stay in brilliant condition for a long time.