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Cristiano Ronaldo

Best football skills: Learn how to do the Ronaldo Chop, Elastico, Cruyff Turn & soccer's top trick moves

13:33 GMT+3 29/08/2022
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Learn how to do the best football skills made famous by stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar...

If you have been a football fan all your life, at some point or the other you may have thought about pulling off skills on the field.

Football skills are one of the major attractions of the sport, loved by the young and the old alike. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Johan Cryuff, George Best and Neymar have all contributed to the list of top football skills available for you to check out and learn.

Have you ever wanted to know how a certain skill is performed by footballers? Here, GOAL lists the best football skills in the world right now and helps you learn how to perform them.

  • Diego Armando Maradona Argentina 1982

    The Roulette / Maradona Turn / Zidane Pirouette

    As a clever move for quickly getting past an incoming challenge, the Roulette is a valuable skill to have in your catalogue. However, it is not exactly common to see it on the field due to the spatial awareness needed to pull off this move elegantly.

    The Roulette, a skill which also goes by names like the Maradona Turn, Zidane Pirouette, spin and 360, requires you to neatly execute three steps.

    How to do the Roulette skill

    1. When the defender gets close, stop the ball with your feet and drag it back with your dominant foot.
    2. Turn 180 degrees so that your back is now facing the defender.
    3. Use the other feet to take the ball past the defender and complete the 360 degree turn.

    Check out the video below and practice.

  • Johan Cruyff

    The Cruyff Turn

    When you talk about skills and technique in football, Johan Cruyff is one of the first names that pops up.

    His famous Cruyff turn is a feast to the eyes when players pull it off during the game.

    How to do the Cruyff turn

    1. When one leg is alongside the ball, knock the ball behind with the other foot.
    2. Turn to face the direction in which you knocked the ball and get away from your marker.

  • West Ham Manuel Lanzini Rabona 11092016


    The famous Rabona kick in football is believed by some to be first popularised by the legend Pele in the 1950s. It has since then became an iconic move and one that is popular among professional footballers.

    The likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard have all played their part in making it a good-looking skill close to the goal in modern football.

    How to do the Rabona

    1. Plant your weaker foot (or the foot you don't intend to kick the ball with) firmly on the ground, facing in the direction you want to kick and a few inches away from the ball
    2. Lean back slightly and wrap your other foot behind your planted foot.
    3. Bend both knees slightly to allow for better control and kick the ball with the outside of your boot for maximum impact.

  • Ronaldinho Barcelona 2006


    Elastico is a thrilling skill move, made famous by Brazi star Ronaldinho during his peak years.

    When done right, it allows you to quickly skip past the defender in front of you. This move is also especially useful you are stationary and is looking to launch yourselves into a dribble.

    How to do the Elastico

    1. Elastico is made up of two quick touches. Use the tip of the outside of your boot to caress the inside of the ball.
    2. Keep the ball close to your boot as you move your boot to the outside of the boot while the ball spins.
    3. After the ball makes an initial move to the right because you moved your boot, quickly push the ball in the opposite direction with the inside of your boot to end up 'faking' a pass or a move.

  • Ferenc Puskas


    The pullback or the dragback is an extremely simple yet efficient tool that can give footballers room to move into when being marked.

    The great Ferenc Puskas is the player who is sometimes credited with spreading the Pullback. It is now a common sight to see players use during games.

    How to do the pullback

    1. Place one foot on the top of the ball with the other placed firmly alongside the ball on the ground.
    2. Roll the ball back with your foot that was placed on top of it.
    3. Once the ball is behind your standing leg, you can choose to knock it any direction to create space and move away from your marker.

  • Neymar PSG 2022-23

    The Rainbow

    As the name suggests, the rainbow skill is all about creating a rainbow shape in the air using football and using that movement of the ball to get past the defender in front of the player.

    The move has been used by many elite footballers of the past and present , including Jay-Jay Okocha and Neymar. It is a high-risk manoeuvre which but one that is a treat to the eyes when done correctly.

    How to do the Rainbow

    1. With the defender at a few metres' distance in front of you, use one foot to roll the ball up the back of the standing foot.
    2. Once the ball is on the heel of the foot, flick it over the defender's head and move while the ball is in the air.

  • Kerlon

    Seal Dribble

    Seal dribbling is a rare sight in football, because it's not only difficult but it also dangerous if you're not aware of where your opponents' positions are.

    It was made popular by Brazilian forward Kerlon and has since been used at least once by Portuguese winger Nani.

    How to do the Seal Dribble

    1. Direct the ball onto your head by scooping it up or controlling it.
    2. Proceed to move past opponents while balancing the ball on your head (a lot harder than it looks!)


    The Stepover

    The stepover is one of the most commonly used skill moves in the world of football. This move has been made popular by many including Ronaldo and his successor Cristiano Ronaldo, who often used it to beat defenders, especially early on in their careers.

    How to do the Stepover

    1. As you get close to your defender, circle your feet around the ball in the direction you want your marker to think you're going.
    2. Depending on how many stepovers you plan to execute, the final step is to knock the ball in the opposite direction and surprise the defender.

  • C Ronaldo

    The Ronaldo Chop

    The Chop is an extremely effective skill move, popularised and perfected by Cristiano Ronaldo at his peak.

    It is used to quickly change direction while dribbling and send your defender the wrong way. Often used by wingers, this move can also be used to cut inside from the flanks when up against an opposition full-back.

    How to do the Ronaldo Chop

    1. While dribbling, use the inside of the right foot if you want to cut to the left (and vice versa) and slice the ball after the other leg is in front of the ball.
    2. The ball will change direction by almost 60 degrees, allowing your to cut inside from flanks or send your defender the wrong way.


    The Neymar Rollover

    Everyone's in awe of how Neymar can bamboozle his markers and zig-zag his way past a crowd of defenders while dribbling.

    And one of his go-to skill moves while doing so is a move that has come to be known as the Neymar Rollover.

    How to do the Neymar Rollover

    Neymar's version of the move is essentially a collection of three different simpler moves - a rollover, a stepover and a rabona.

    1. Roll the ball using the sole and once it is moved from one direction to another, use the other leg to do a single stepover over the top of the ball.
    2. When the first two moves done, the ball should be in the perfect spot for a rabona kick past the defender.