Why isn't Barcelona stadium Camp Nou on FIFA 20?

One of football's most iconic grounds will not be a playable venue in the forthcoming release - and it's set to be sometime before that changes

Fans of FIFA 2020 – and particularly Barcelona supporters – are set to be left disappointed this year with the omission of Camp Nou as a playable stadium in the game.

As the September 27 release date of the game nears, the excitement over the new title is building, but the absence of the iconic venue is just one notable absence from the game.

Konami, the creators of eFootball PES 2020, have snapped up a number of exclusive licences over the course of the summer, the highest profile of which has been the rights to Serie A champions Juventus. Additionally, it has also captured Argentine sides River Plate and Boca Juniors, with all their associated names, logo, kits and stadium.

While their plunder of Barcelona from FIFA is not so wholesale – the team, players and logo are set to remain untouched in the EA title – Camp Nou has been claimed exclusively by the Japanese video game conglomerate.

Back in June, they released the following statement: “KONAMI and FC Barcelona have renewed their relationship with a new Global Partners agreement, which provides KONAMI with extensive access to the club’s stars and prominent visibility within the real-world match day experience. To underline this, KONAMI visited the team earlier this year and conducted a full body 3D scan every player.

“The stunningly re-created Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s storied home ground, also remains exclusive to the PES series – both console and mobile.”

Camp Nou has not appeared on any FIFA title since 2016, when Konami signed a three-year deal with the Catalan club that granted them exclusive rights to the ground.

In last year’s release, it was the only top-flight ground in Spain that was not included on the EA title.

When will Camp Nou be back in FIFA?

The bad news for Barca fans of FIFA is that Camp Nou will not be able to return to FIFA until 2024 under the current agreement that the club hold with Konami.

It confirmed in June that they have an ongoing association for another four years.

What new stadiums will appear in FIFA 2020?

While the final list of new grounds to appear in the game is not expected until September 11, there have already been confirmation of several new stadiums.

Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane will be in the game as there is an agreement between EA and the Premier League to have all of England’s top-flight venues, while there are already 10 confirmed new stadiums from Germany, including the BayArena and Marcedes-Benz Arena.

From France, Lyon’s Parc OL will be in the game, while there could be another five new grounds announced.