Pogba rescues caged grandmother in Twitter Q&A!

While passing judgement on who would win a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich, the United star became a granny-freeing hero

Answering fans' questions on social media is all part of the job for the modern football star, but Paul Pogba may have just saved a life with his latest Q&A!

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The Manchester United star was put through his paces by fans on Saturday as he took the virtual stand on Twitter. 

And amid the usual teasers on his favourite players and biggest influences, he was called into action to help release a caged grandmother. 

"Reply, or I don't let my gran out," a user wrote to him, accompanied by a picture of said gran locked inside a bird cage. 

Pogba pledged to come to the rescue, to the delight of the Manchester United fan who apparently went to such lengths to get his attention. 

Some of the other highlights saw the midfielder side with a taco when asked if it would win a fight with a grilled cheese sandwich - although he found it harder to judge a winner between three trillion lions and the sun. 

And his choice of Avatar as his favourite action flick may raise some eyebrows. 

Still, we commend Pogba for taking all the questions in his stride, and for coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress!