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Paul Merson: I went too far with Maguire comments on TV

8:43 PM GMT+4 21/09/2022
Harry Maguire Manchester United Liverpool 2022-23
Paul Merson admits he went too far with his infamous criticism of Harry Maguire in 2019.
  • Merson apologised for fiery Maguire rant
  • Delivered scathing assessment in 2019
  • Called defender to apologise

WHAT HAPPENED? Three years on from when Merson slammed Maguire's £80 million transfer to Manchester United on Sky Sports, the pundit and former footballer has revealed he took things too far and apologised to Maguire after the fact.

WHAT HE SAID: In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Merson said: "It was just my opinion. I rang up Brendan Rodgers and said, 'Can you get me Harry Maguire’s number?' I didn’t feel comfortable with myself.

"I needed to ring him and say, 'I don’t agree with the £80m but I shouldn’t have said that and I’m sorry'. I went a little bit too far."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Merson went viral for a scathing assessment of the transfer, calling it a "ridiculous" move and pulling no punches as he claimed that the only reason Maguire looked good when playing for England is because he's protected by a three centre-back formation.


WHAT NEXT FOR MAGUIRE? The defender has been included in the England squad for their final two games before the World Cup kicks off and desperately needs a string of good performances to try and find a way back into the team at Manchester United.