'He wants to keep hold of his riches' - Le Pen hits back at Zidane criticism

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The politician is contesting elections in France and has issued a scornful response to comments made by the Real Madrid coach

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has said that she is "not surprised" that Zinedine Zidane does not wish to see her elected.

Ms Le Pen, who is the former leader of the far-right Front National party, is contesting the Presidency against Emmanuel Macron of En Marchel.

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The pair are currently on the campaign trail ahead of the May 7 election and Zidane has not shied away from voicing his opinion on the matter.

The Real Madrid coach recently said that he is opposed "to all Front National's ideas" and warned that France must "avoid them however it is possible. Extremes are never good."

And Le Pen has responded somewhat derisively to the former France captain's criticism by suggesting that he is simply driven by the desire to "keep hold of the riches he has obtained."

"With what he earns I'm not surprised [he'll vote Macron]," Le Pen is quoted as saying in Marca.

"I guess Zidane has plenty of financial capital, which is why he wants Macron to win the elections, and keep hold of the riches he has obtained thanks to his talent."

The people of France will have their say on that matter on May 7