La Liga president Tebas fires back at Barcelona chief Laporta's Premier League TV money claims

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  • Laporta lamented Barca finances in interview
  • Tebas refuted his claims
  • Barca-backed Super League financially unlikely

WHAT HAPPENED? Laporta lamented Barcelona's lack of economic might in an interview aired on Thursday, suggesting that they are far behind Premier League clubs in terms of spending power. But Tebas fired back via Twitter, pointing out that - relative to the rest of La Liga - Barcelona still have plenty of spending power.

WHAT THEY SAID: Tebas was direct in addressing Laporta's gripes: “Dear Laporta, I’m showing you the TV rights for Barcelona compared to Premier League clubs. You’re just as competitive. La Liga earns less money, and you earn less than the Premier League’s biggest clubs. You should inform yourself before criticizing.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: La Liga has placed heavy sanctions on Barcelona for their financial activity over the last decade. Still, Laporta has repeatedly tried to find loopholes, using so-called "levers" to invest in new players — and calling for La Liga to loosen its rules. Tebas, meanwhile, has remained steadfast in his view, with the two often clashing via the media.


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WHAT NEXT FOR LAPORTA? The Barca president made a flurry of signings last summer, only for the team to be eliminated in the Champions League group stage. Now, attention turns to La Liga, where Barca have a two point lead atop the table.