From benching Rodri against Chelsea to matching up with Lyon: Pep Guardiola's worst 'overthinks' - ranked

Pep Guardiola Champions League final 2021Getty

Pep Guardiola isn't necessarily a serial overthinker, but in big games, he has a history of overcomplicating and self-sabotaging. Stretching back to his time at Bayern Munich, Pep's penchant for tinkering has seen his sides lose important contests, or crash out of competitions despite being clear favourites.

And it's been particularly bad in the Champions League. While it is hard to criticise the tactical choices of a serial winner, Guardiola's blunders have repeatedly cost his teams on Europe's biggest stage. As a result, he hasn't won the competition at either Bayern Munich or Man City. And while the Citizens are clear favourites over Inter in Saturday's Champions League final, there will always be a slither of doubt about his team selection or tactical set-up.

So, when has it all gone wrong? And which infamous overthinks have been the worst? GOAL ranks the manager's most memorable tactical blunders on the big stage...

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