What is 'The Poznan'? Football fan taunt explained

Manchester City fans doing The Poznan(C)Getty Images

Fans going wild in the stands when the ball hits the back of the net is a well-known sight around the world, regardless of the competition or team doing the scoring.

Manchester City have enjoyed a fair bit of success of late, and needless to say, with that comes a lot of celebration from the supporters of the club.

Like many other football slang terms and idioms, The Poznan is something that has gained a lot of significance among the City faithful. GOAL explains the meaning and more...

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What is 'The Poznan' in football?

The Poznan is a form of a celebration, also referred to as 'Le Grecque', which involves supporters turning their backs to the pitch with linked arms and jumping up and down while singing their favourite song or chanting in unison.

What is the meaning of 'The Poznan' & when did it start?

Fans of the celebrating team 'break out the Poznan' when their side scores a goal or simply when they are dominating play, and this is done in order to taunt the opponent side - so much to say that their team is so good at what they do, that they do not even need to watch it happen.

A particular Polish club Lech Poznan have the celebratory dance engraved in their fan history going as back as 1961, although a number of teams in Poland and Eastern Europe would also claim to have started the celebration.

Which teams do 'The Poznan'?

It may be understood that Man City fans pretty much got the idea of pulling off the unique football celebration from none other than Lech Poznan. It was when the two sides played each other in the Polish leg of the Europa League group stage back in 2010. So that makes two outright teams who 'break out the Poznan' as often as they can.

Amid their 2022-23 Premier League title run, Erling Haaland joined City fans do The Poznan in the 4-1 win over Liverpool.

The Citizens also found themselves on the receiving end when Arsenal fans decided to mock their rivals when the Gunners won the 2014 FA Community Shield 3-0.

Fans across teams such as Celtic, Ajax, Alaves, Eintracht Frankfurt and Western Sydney Wanderers also caught up with the bouncy celebration over the years.

Don't be surprised if Manchester City pull off The Poznan in the Champions League final against Inter on Saturday.