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90' + 1'
B. Cristante
Yellow Card
A. Schäfer
Yellow Card
G. Mancini
Own Goal
2 - 1
L. Pellegrini
M. Politano
2 - 0
N. Barella
L. Spinazzola
1 - 0

Match Stats

56% 43%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 4
Total Passes 491 379
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Italy ITA Italy 6 3 2 1 8 7 +1 11 W W L D W
2 Hungary HUN Hungary 6 3 1 2 8 5 +3 10 L W W D L
3 Germany GER Germany 6 1 4 1 11 9 +2 7 D L W D D
4 England ENG England 6 0 3 3 4 10 -6 3 D L L D D




That's all for today, goodbye!
That win takes Italy to the top of Group A3 with four points, and next up for them is a trip to England. Hungary stay in second with three points and they host Germany in their next game on Saturday.
Two first-half goals help Italy to a 2-1 win over Hungary. Barella opened the scoring half an hour in when he rifled a powerful shot into the top corner, and Pellegrini doubled the lead on the stroke of half-time. They started the second half brightly as well, with Politano smacking an effort off the crossbar before Hungary were handed a lifeline. Fiola's cross caught out Mancini and his attempted clearance nestled into his own net, but the visitors couldn't come up with an equaliser.
B. Cristante
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Cristante clips the back of Szoboszlai's heels as he attempts to cut off his run, and he goes into the referee's book.
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes here, and Gnonto is receiving treatment after a knock to the head. He's quickly helped back to his feet and he'll be able to carry on.
89' SAVE! It's a great run from Locatelli, who dribbles past two Hungary defenders as he cuts inside from the left and opens up a tiny pocket of space. He squeezes a shot down the middle, but Dibusz gets down to hold it.
M. Ádám
Á. Szalai
87' And Adam Szalai is the other player taken off, with Adam on for him.
Z. Vancsa
A. Schäfer
87' Hungary are making their last two changes. Schafer is the first to go off, with Vancsa replacing him.
86' After another patient passage of play from the hosts, Mancini goes long to Gnonto, who is peeling off the back of Orban. He's judged to have pushed the defender over though, and the free-kick goes against him.
S. Tonali
N. Barella
84' And the first goalscorer, Barella, also makes way, with Tonali replacing him.
A. Zerbin
G. Raspadori
84' Final changes for Italy now, and Raspadori is the first to go off, with Zerbin on in his place.
83' Szoboszlai floats a free-kick deep into the box from the right and Adam Szalai rises highest to nod it towards goal. Sallai is following it in down the middle, but Donnarumma gathers it.
B. Bolla
Z. Nagy
81' Another change for Hungary now and it's Zsolt Nagy that's going off for Bolla.
79' Italy are patiently trying to work it out from the back, but Hungary's high press is once again making it difficult. They have to play it all the way back to Donnarumma, whose long clearance goes straight to Orban.
77' Hungary take the corner short to Szoboszlai and he spins away from Raspadori before whipping a good cross into the far post. Fiola is there for the visitors, but it just skims over the top of his head.
A. Belotti
M. Politano
75' Politano is also making way, with Belotti on in his place.
F. Dimarco
L. Spinazzola
75' Italy are making a double change now, and Spinazzola is first to go off, with Dimarco replacing him.
73' Hungary are enjoying a good spell of possession now, but they're struggling to get in behind Italy. It's switched out to Fiola on the right again, but his low cross is straight to Locatelli this time.
A. Schäfer
Yellow Card
71' Barella had already skipped away from Styes when Schafer slid in with a heavy tackle. He's shown a yellow card which means he'll miss their next game against Germany.
69' SAVE! Schafer does well to hold off Cristante before switching it out to Sallai on the right. He steps away from Bastoni before firing a shot on goal, but Donnarumma tips it over the bar.
68' It looks like Dibusz has comfortably dealt with Spinazzola's long ball over the top, but he spills it under pressure from Gnonto. Luckily for the keeper, Lang is alert and he hooks it away from the forward just in time.
M. Locatelli
L. Pellegrini
66' Italy are making their first change of the game now, with Locatelli coming on to replace Pellegrini.
N. Barella
Yellow Card
64' Barella slid in on Adam Szalai, missing the ball but catching the forward on the ankle with his studs. He has no complaints as he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
63' Politano makes another good run down the right as Italy attempt to regain their two-goal cushion, but he's the only one forward for the hosts. He can't get the better of Attila Szalai as he cuts inside this time, as the defender cuts off his run.
G. Mancini
Own Goal
61' OWN GOAL! Fiola has made an impact off the bench after he burst down the right and played a dangerous first-time cross toward the six-yard box. Mancini was stretching to clear it, not realising that no Hungarian players were behind him, and ended up turning into his own net. 2-1!
60' Barella's goal today was the eighth he's scored for Italy. Under Mancini, no player has found the back of the net more time than him in all competitions (also eight: Belotti and Ciro Immobile).
C. Styles
Á. Nagy
58' And Adam Nagy is also being taken off, with Styles on for him.
A. Fiola
L. Négo
58' Double change for Hungary now, and Nego is the first to make way, with Fiola replacing him.
57' It's wonderful play from Barella, who plays a one-two with Cristante as he cuts inside from the right, before playing another with Gnonto to open up space down the right of the box. It comes back to him too quickly though and bounces off his knee, straight into Dibusz's gloves.
55' OFF THE BAR! Italy go straight down the other end, and almost extend their lead! Politano cuts inside from the right and decides to have a shot when the Hungary defenders sit back. He fires it over Dibusz, but it smacks off the crossbar and back into play.
53' GOOD SAVE! It's better from Hungary here as Nego clips a great cross into the middle from the right. Sallai gets ahead of Bastoni and his shot ends up coming off his shin, but Donnarumma gets down to push it away.
51' BLOCK! Gnonto weaves away from Nego before lifting a good cross in from the byline. It goes all the way out to Calabria on the edge of the box, and his first-time shot is helped wide with a deflection off Schafer.
50' Just like in the first half, Hungary's high press is causing Italy some problems here. Spinazzola tries to lift it over the top for Pellegrini, but Nego cuts it out. Luckily for the defender, his first touch is a poor one that rolls straight out of play.
48' Sallai quickly steps in to nick the ball odd Pellegrini and spins away from Gnonto before going for the big switch out to Szoboszlai. He whips an early cross into the box towards Adam Szalai, but Donnarumma rushes off his line to gather it.
46' Italy get us back underway for the second half!
Mancini will be pleased with his side's performance so far, and they've taken the chances that have fallen to them. Hungary have looked a threat when they've managed to work it into the box, but only have the one shot on target to show for it so far.
Italy are in control with a 2-0 half-time lead over Hungary at the break. It was fairly even between the sides early on, with Mancini forcing Dibusz into a good save before Sallai asked the same of Donnarumma at the other end. Italy grew into the game though, and Barella opened the scoring when he rifled his shot into the top corner. On the stroke of half-time, Pellegrini added a second, following in to slot Politano's cross into the net.
M. Politano
45' Attila Szalai just couldn't get close to Politano as he skipped away from him with some clever footwork to put another good cross into the box.
L. Pellegrini
45' PELLEGRINI SCORES! Politano skips away from Attila Szalai down the right again before pulling another dangerous cross back from the byline. Politano and Raspadori miss it at the near post, but Pellegrini is following in behind to coolly slot it home. 2-0 Italy!
43' GREAT CHANCE! It looks like Italy are in for a second as Pellegrini drags Dibusz towards the ball before squaring it across the face of goal from the right of the box. Nego reads it well though and sticks out a leg just ahead of Gnonto to stop him from reaching it.
42' Nego stretches to lift a cross into the near post and Adam Szalai tries to volley it towards goal. He ends up catching Mancini in the face with a high boot though, and the foul goes against him.
40' Italy are back to keeping comfortable possession in front of Hungary, with the visitors dropping deep into their compact shape to block off the space ahead of them.
38' Sallai cuts back inside, leaving Spinazzola behind, and Cristante can only help it onto Adam Szalai with a glancing header. The forward can't sort his feet out quickly enough though, and it rolls harmlessly wide.
36' SAVE! It's a great cross into the middle from Raspadori, who is deep on the right, and it curls into Gnonto through the middle. Dibusz rushes out and makes himself big, managing to smother the close-range shot.
34' Hungary are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment as Adam Nagy attempts to switch it out to the right. Nego has so much space ahead to run into, but the pass is played behind him.
32' Italy are looking for another as they push forward down the right again. Calabria fizzes an early cross into the near post from the right, and Politano fires his first-time effort high and wide.
L. Spinazzola
30' Spinazzola had Lang tight to him, but he stayed patient and managed to wrong-foot him when he cut inside, which allowed him to pick out Barella.
N. Barella
30' BARELLA SCORES! Spinazzola drills a low cross along the edge of the box and Gnonto gets a shout to let it run for Barella behind him. None of the Hungary defenders are picking him up, and he takes a touch before rifling a great shot past Dibusz, who got fingertips to it, and into the far top corner. 1-0 Italy!
28' Mancini can't find a way through, so he goes for the big switch out to Gnonto on the left. He nods it down for Pellegrini, but he can't pick out a team-mate with his cross.
26' GOOD SAVE! Hungary switch it quickly out to the right and Nego lays it off to Sallai on the edge of the box. He takes the shot first time, drilling it low towards goal, and Donnarumma gets down quickly to push it away.
25' Italy are still dominating the ball, but Hungary's high press is starting to cause them a few issues here. They're closing them down high upfield and making it hard for them to get forward.
23' Barella does brilliantly to spin out of two tackles before threading it down the right for Politano. It bounces off the back of his heels, and Barella's attempted cross on the rebound hits Schafer.
21' GREAT SAVE! Politano swings another good corner into the box, and Mancini rises highest at the far post. He thumps his header across goal, and Dibusz gets a strong hand to it on the stretch.
20' It's a lovely floated free-kick in from Szoboszlai on the left and he picks out Attila Szalai at the far post again. Just like before, he nods it back across goal, but it's cleared by Bastoni.
18' Cristante plays a one-two with Gnonto before switching it out to Pellegrini, who is in acres of space down the left. The flag goes up just as he sets himself for the cross though, and the attack comes to an end.
16' It's Hungary's turn to counter now, and Sallai is pushing his way forward down the right. Spinazzola ends up on the ground though, and the free-kick is awarded to Italy.
14' Italy spread it out to Politano on the right, who skips past Zsolt Nagy as he bursts forward on the counter. He takes it to the byline before fizzing it into the box, but there are only Hungary players at the near post.
12' Cristante catches Szoboszlai just to the right of the D, and Hungary have a free-kick in a dangerous position here. The forward steps up to take it himself, but hits it straight into the wall.
10' Hungary have won their first corner and Szoboszlai swings a deep one into the far post. Attila Szalai rises highest to nod it back across goal, but can't pick out a team-mate in the crowd.
8' Orban almost plays himself into trouble as he tracks back into his own box, not realising that Politano is on his heels. The forward tries to cut out the backpass, but it's just out of his reach.
6' Italy are seeing more of the ball in the opening exchanges and Cristante plays a wonderful long ball down the left for Gnonto to chase. He does well to keep it in play but then overhits the cross straight over Raspadori.
4' Hungary are trying to break quickly on the counter, with Nego trying to curl an early cross down the middle for Adam Szalai. There's not enough on it though and it's an easy clearance for Bastoni.
2' Italy win an early corner, and it's swung into the middle of the box by Politano. He picks out Mancini, who rises highest in the middle, but he sends his header straight down the middle at Dibusz.
1' Adam Szalai gets the game underway for Hungary!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
Italy have lost just one of their last eight matches against Hungary (W5 D2), though that was in their most recent meeting when Hungary came out on top with a 3-1 friendly win in August 2007.
Marco Rossi makes just one change from their win over England last time out and it's in goal. Dibusz is brought in for Gulacsi, who starts on the bench.
Roberto Mancini makes six changes to the side that drew with Germany on Saturday. Calabria, Mancini, Spinazzola, Barella, Gnonto and Raspadori all come into the team, with Tonali dropping to the bench.
HUNGARY SUBS: Csaba Spandler, Balint Vecsei, Bendeguz Bolla, Attila Fiola, Daniel Salloi, Callum Styles, Peter Szappanos, Peter Gulacsi, Peter Barath, Martin Adam, Zalan Vancsa, Akos Kecskes.
HUNGARY STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Denes Dibusz; Adam Lang, Willi Orban, Attila Szalai; Loic Nego, Adam Nagy, Andras Schafer, Zsolt Nagy; Roland Sallai, Dominik Szoboszlai; Adam Szalai.
ITALY SUBS: Alessio Zerbin, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Alessio Cragno, Manuel Locatelli, Andrea Belotti, Alex Meret, Salvatore Esposito, Matteo Pessina, Leonardo Bonucci, Luiz Felipe, Sandro Tonali, Federico Dimarco.
ITALY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Gianluca Mancini, Alessandro Bastoni, Leonardo Spinazzola; Lorenzo Pellegrini, Bryan Cristante, Nicolo Barella; Matteo Politano, Degnand Wilfried Gnonto, Giacomo Raspadori.
After the disappointment of failing to qualify for this year's World Cup, Italy then missed out on lifting another piece of silverware after they were beaten 3-0 by Argentina in the UEFA-CONMEBOL Finalissima on Wednesday. They followed it up by starting their Nations League campaign off with a 1-1 draw with Germany at the weekend, but that means they've only won one of their last six outings (D3 L2). As for Hungary, they've taken an early lead in the group after a 1-0 win over England in their opening Nations League game on Saturday, and they've lost just one of their last six matches in all competitions (W4 D1).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Nations League Group A3 meeting between Italy and Hungary at the Dino Manuzzi!