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Wilshere: My battles with Ox over dressing room music

09:00 BST 16/04/2017
Jack Wilshere, Bournemouth
The Arsenal-owned pair locked horns early one Monday morning - who plays dance music at that time of the day?!

Footballers are all used to being given pointers on their game by their managers and coaches, but being told off for playing the wrong type of music in the dressing room by Jack Wilshere? Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain might be the only one who can say that!

Wilshere explained an incident that happened in the Arsenal dressing room a while back, early doors on a Monday, during which the Ox felt it appropriate to put on a heavy dance tune at the crack of dawn – not on Wilshere's watch!

See the England midfielder talk dressing room tunes from all his clubs and the national team in the full interview above.

Footage courtesy of Kicca.