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What year did the Premier League start & which teams have played in it over the years?

18:50 BST 29/04/2020
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Goal looks at the history of the Premier League since its formation, including a full list of all 49 teams to have played in it

Since its inception, the Premier League has established itself as the most popular sports league on the planet.

While English football didn’t begin in the 1990s, the sport was changed forever as money flooded into the game and clubs began to lure top talent from all over the world.

The first Premier League season took place in 1992-93, and comprised 22 teams. As of 2019-20, 49 clubs have played in the Premier League, with the full list below.

Full list of clubs to have played in the Premier League

Club Seasons in Premier League Debut season Highest finish Division in 2019-20
Arsenal 28 1992-93 1st Premier League
Aston Villa 25 1992-93 2nd Premier League
Barnsley 1 1997-98 19th Championship
Birmingham 7 2002-03 9th Championship
Blackburn 18 1992-93 1st Championship
Blackpool 1 2010-11 19th League One
Bolton 13 1995-96 6th League One
Bournemouth 5 2015-16 9th Premier League
Bradford 2 1999-00 17th League Two
Brighton 3 2017-18 15th Premier League
Burnley 6 2009-10 7th Premier League
Cardiff 2 2013-14 18th Championship
Charlton 8 1998-99 7th Championship
Chelsea 28 1992-93 1st Premier League
Coventry 9 1992-93 11th League One
Crystal Palace 11 1992-93 10th Premier League
Derby 7 1996-97 8th Championship
Everton 28 1992-93 4th Premier League
Fulham 14 2001-02 7th Championship
Huddersfield 2 2017-18 16th Championship
Hull 5 2008-09 16th Championship
Ipswich 5 1992-93 5th League One
Leeds 12 1992-93 3rd Championship
Leicester 14 1994-95 1st Premier League
Liverpool 28 1992-93 2nd Premier League
Manchester City 23 1992-93 1st Premier League
Manchester United 28 1992-93 1st Premier League
Middlesbrough 15 1992-93 7th Championship
Newcastle 25 1993-94 2nd Premier League
Norwich 9 1992-93 3rd Premier League
Nottingham Forest 5 1992-93 3rd Championship
Oldham 2 1992-93 19th League Two
Portsmouth 7 2003-04 8th League One
QPR 7 1992-93 5th Championship
Reading 3 2006-07 8th Championship
Sheffield United 4 1992-93 14th Premier League
Sheffield Wednesday 8 1992-93 7th Championship
Southampton 21 1992-93 6th Premier League
Stoke 10 2008-09 9th Championship
Sunderland 16 1996-97 7th League One
Swansea 7 2011-12 8th Championship
Swindon 1 1993-94 22nd League Two
Tottenham 28 1992-93 2nd Premier League
Watford 7 1999-00 11th Premier League
West Brom 12 2002-03 8th Championship
West Ham 24 1993-94 5th Premier League
Wigan 8 2005-06 10th Championship
Wimbledon 8 1992-93 6th Defunct
Wolves 6 2003-04 7th Premier League

How has the Premier League changed since its formation?

In its first season, the league included 22 teams: the top 19 sides from the previous season’s First Division, plus the top two and play-off winners from the Second Division.

Manchester United were the first Premier League winners, finishing 10 points clear of Aston Villa in second. Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest were the first teams to be relegated.

The 22-team structure remained until the 1995-96 season, when the league was reduced to 20 teams. Four sides were relegated in 1994-95, with only two being promoted.

Since the Premier League was formed, 49 clubs have played in it. Of those 49, only six - Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs – have played in the top flight every season.

And, while the Premier League may pride itself on its competitiveness, only six of the 49 clubs to have played in it have actually won it.

Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, Leicester, Manchester City and Manchester United are the only six clubs to have won the Premier League, though Liverpool look likely to take that total to seven.

Three clubs – Barnsley, Blackpool and Swindon – have spent just one season in the Premier League; Swindon in 1993-94, Barnsley in 1997-98 and Blackpool in 2010-11.

The newest additions to the list are Brighton and Huddersfield, who were both promoted from the Championship in the 2016-17 season.