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'This is my home, but we need change' - Texas-raised Cannon proud to be part of USMNT's push against gun violence in wake of Uvalde shooting

20:16 BST 07/06/2022
Cannon USMNT 2021
The Boavista fullback reflected on the violence that recently impacted his home state

Texas-raised U.S. men's national team star Reggie Cannon says that his home is in need of big changes as the fullback reflected on the recent shooting in Uvalde.

A total of 19 children and two adults were killed at a school shooting in Uvalde on May 24, with the Texas city just a few hours away from Cannon's hometown of Grapevine.

In the wake of that shooting and the several others that have occurred across the U.S. in recent weeks, the USMNT put out an open letter to Congress demanding action in the fight to prevent gun violence.

What did Cannon say about the USMNT's letter?

Cannon, who last week discussed the frustration at having to speak to his European teammates about the frequent shootings in his home country, revealed that his return to Texas this week is a somber one.

The fullback is part of the team in Austin following friendlies against Morocco and Uruguay, with the U.S. set to host Grenada on Friday to kickstart the CONCACAF Nations League.

But a trip that could have felt like a homecoming now feels a bit different given the events of recent weeks.

"It's always difficult coming back to Texas, especially given the circumstances," Cannon said. "I would never take it for granted. This is my home, but I think it's also realistic to say that there is a need for change and I think that's what this group has been focused on, especially with the mantra 'Be the change' and especially with that letter sent the other day that we all contributed to.

"It is time for sincere change and I think it's always kind of a heartbreaker to be in this place and see the problems, especially being in Europe and always having to explain to my teammates that this is reality. It is what it is and that's why I think this group is so focused on figuring out what we can do to inspire positive change."

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