WATCH: Stormzy shows off questionable football skills alongside all-star line-up on last-ever episode of Soccer AM

  • Stormzy part of final ever show
  • Took part in a training drill
  • Completely failed to control the ball

WHAT HAPPENED? The massive Manchester United fan got involved in the final ever show, alongside comedian Jack Whitehall and actor Stephen Graham. Stormzy took part in a training drill with Jimmy Bullard and he completely failed to flick the ball up for a volley, repeatedly asking Bullard to tee him up.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The Vossi Bop and Shut Up megastar did manage to redeem himself later in the show, however, as he scored a superb penalty to win money for the fans at the live show, sparking wild celebrations before Soccer AM went off air for the final time.

WHAT NEXT FOR STORMZY? One has to hope that he starts training while he's away from the stage, but he might be better suited to sticking to rapping and supporting United than actually playing the game on this evidence.