Volta: The return of FIFA Street & why EA is bringing back iconic game mode for FIFA 20

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Despite the introduction of the Champions League in FIFA 19, the entry fell flat for some fans and EA Sports is determined to ensure FIFA 20 starts off on the right foot.

And where better to begin then by bringing back FIFA Street - only this time bigger, better and more authentic than before.

Known now as ' Volta ' and a standalone feature of FIFA 20, the fully-fleshed out game mode marks a long awaited return to street football for the videogame franchise. 

It's been over seven years since the last FIFA Street game was released and after countless fan requests, EA are once again tackling the other side of football. 

"This is a landmark year for FIFA. It’s the biggest FIFA we’ve ever made," FIFA 20 creative director Matt Prior told Goal.  

"Volta is actually a Portuguese word that means return and the idea is we’re bringing the other half of the football world to the game.

"So we’ve focused on the 11-side form of the game for many years successfully - well there’s a whole other world of football out there and that’s the street scene.

"Almost all of our consumers never have their first kick of a football in an 11v11 game. The roots of football start in the backyard, down at the park. It’s a part of football we haven’t previously had in the game, so we’re super excited to bring that aspect to FIFA.

"It is one of the most asked for features from our core audience, but we also see it as a chance to break down barriers and make the game as a whole much more accessible.

"You don’t need to understand the offside trap, you don’t need a team, it really breaks that barrier to entry down."


Though now integrated into FIFA 20, Volta is not a slim-downed version of FIFA Street, nor is it trying to replicate what was done previously.

After traveling to Amsterdam and Brazil in an attempt to truly understand street football, EA are out to ensure Volta stays true to the streets.  

"FIFA Street we built many years ago and it was fantastical, a bit over the top and probably not authentic - we wanted to root this game in authenticity," Aaron McHardy, an executive producer on FIFA 20, told Goal

"We traveled the globe to do our research and look at the street football game to understand the culture of it.

"The FIFA family at EA is quite large and there was a ton of experience from people that did work on FIFA Street. But we weren’t looking back intentionally trying to recreate that experience because we wanted to make something more authentic and more befitting of the culture of street football."  

Seen as a potential stepping stone into the more traditional FIFA experience, Volta is built around the core gameplay features of the main game but with its own distinct feel.

From more intricate skill moves and improved character animations to how you interact with street environments, there will be a distinct difference between the pitch and the streets. 


Volta will not only handle differently, it will also look unique with a new level of customisation brought to the game via the mode.

"It’s much more of a blank canvas in terms of self expression," Prior said.

"It is our most accessible, customisable and inclusive mode ever. You can now play with men and women on the same pitch.

"Fundamentally street football is about playing the game and doing well but then there’s a whole subculture surrounding it.

"You can dress your player in what you want…from shoes, shirts and socks to hats. The whole community is going to be user generated." 

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In heading back to the streets, FIFA 20 is also able to visit a few more exotic settings via Volta. 

From an underpass in Amsterdam to a rooftop in Tokyo, EA's return to the pavement will be more than just concrete with an optional story mode also included. 

After stalling somewhat with FIFA 19, FIFA 20 is gearing up nicely with their return to the streets set to ensure fans don't kick the franchise to the curb anytime soon.