'Touchdown!' - Fans react to decimated Wembley pitch in Spurs-Man City clash

Manchester City Spurs Wembley NFL
Monday's match was played with American football lines covering the pitch, and fans had their fun discussing the subject

Following the NFL's visit to Wembley Stadium on Sunday, pitch conditions were less than ideal for Monday's clash between Manchester City and Tottenham, and fans and pundits poked plenty of fun at the scene.

The Philadelphia Eagles took care of the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday with a 24-18 win in the NFL's third London-based clash of the season.

However, with Tottenham still playing at Wembley while the club's new stadium continues construction, American football's visit left the pitch ravaged by the time Spurs kicked off against Man City.

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With both teams very much in the title hunt, Monday's clash is one of the more important matches of the season thus far, but both teams have had to deal with pitch conditions normally unseen at this level.

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Many fans and pundits, though, found the humour of it all and took to Twitter to have some fun with the moment.