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Top FIFA 19 player banned for buying Ultimate Team coins

15:00 BST 25/04/2019
Kylem "Lyricz" Edwards, who represented Tottenham in the ePremier League, has been suspended for the remainder of the season

Earlier this month, EA Sports disciplined multiple pro FIFA 19 players for buying or selling coins. This goes against the Global Series rules and as a result, a number of players have been suspended from competing for the remainder of the FIFA 19 season.

Among those players hit with disciplinary action is Kylem "Lyricz" Edwards, who plays for pro gaming organisation 'The Imperial' and also represented Tottenham in the ePremier League.

The Englishman was amongst the top 20 in the FIFA Global Series Rankings but has now lost his chance to compete at the eWorld Cup Play-Offs.

Buying coins gives a player an unfair advantage as it works out much, much cheaper than spending money on FIFA Points for packs, which offer a random chance of giving you a high rated player.

With many arguing that FIFA 19 as an esport has been "pay to win", Lyricz and the others gave themselves a huge advantage over those players who could not afford the top players during the online qualifiers.

Contentious FIFA player Kurt Fenech, who served a ban himself earlier in the year, was quick to call Lyricz out: "Every single person who bought coins not only cheated but f***ed over every single person who he beat in every qualifying round as well as the events he played in.

"Yeah this game is P2W but how is it fair to those who spent £5k of their own money to get the best team on the game while someone else spent £500 and got the same exact team?"

What makes the Lyricz case even more controversial is the fact that he supported the idea of pay to win earlier in the year, tweeting: "You have a full game cycle every year to earn money through FIFA and working.

"If your dream is to be a pro FIFA player then save some money and take the gamble. Work some extra hours, it's not an excuse!"

After contradicting himself, Lyricz released a statement on the suspension, saying: "I want to start off by apologising to everyone at Imperial, Stark and all the players competing in the global series.

"This is the first time in my career I’ve been truly backed by an organisation and I’m really sorry for tainting what was a great year.

"[It] was a desperate thing to do, I set myself up really badly to start the year financially and made a stupid decision to try and compensate for it and now I pay the ultimate price.

"This year has been really tough for me. I won’t go into detail at this moment but I appreciate all the support throughout and I’m sorry again for letting you guys down.

"Of course it looks hypocritical after my tweets but in life, you either learn from your own mistakes or learn from the mistakes of others."

Lyricz is now looking for coaching opportunities for the remainder of the season until he can return to competing once FIFA 20 launches.

With squad conditions being applied towards the end of this season, players hopefully will not feel the need to buy coins during the FIFA 20 season.