Top 10 Football Sex Scandals

10) Ashley Cole (2010)

Oh dear. Some guys really do it have it all as in the case of Chelsea ace Ashley
Cole. Clearly playing for his country, earning a packet and being married to a
beautiful pop star wasn't enough for the defender who played away from home rather too often for the Girls Aloud singer. After a string of affairs his wife
gave him the boot earlier this year after the love rat was caught sending naked pictures of himself to a glamour model.


9) Israel (1999)

Israel's 8-0 two-leg thumping by Denmark in a crunch Euro 2000 play-off demanded an inquiry on pure football grounds. One took place anyway after their limp performance was aided by several players inviting prostitutes to their room the night before the 5-0 thrashing in Tel Aviv. Large numbers of condoms were discovered by hotel staff and four unnamed players later received bans. An Israeli Minister tried to see the funny side by suggesting that had the superior Danish team partied with the call girls they would still have won!

8) Gianluigi Lentini (1993)

Once the most expensive player in the world, his career came to a shuddering halt after allegedly smashing his sportscar leaving the house of the then estranged wife of Italia '90 star Toto Schillaci. Travelling at well
over 100 kmh the Porsche ended up in a ditch and burst into flames inflicting
head injuries and putting the Milan star into a coma. At just 24 years old his
top line career was effectively over.

7) Martin Edwards (2002)

The former Manchester United Chairman never got down on his knees to do deals preferring to do his dirty work in ladies toilets. Edwards earned the term
'Peeping Tom' for following a lady into a hotel and began staring at her under
the cubicle. He was cautioned by police with the victim saying she was 'very
distressed' by the whole incident. Edwards, who was married for 30 years at the time, stepped down as Chairman shortly afterwards.

6) Jean Francois Larios (1982)

A very French affair involving Saint Etienne team-mates and French captain Michel Platini. The ménage á trois involved the wife of the Gallic number 10 Platini ensuring the build up to Spain 1982 was thrown into chaos as Larios was drop kicked out of the squad and into the international wilderness.

5) Oliver Kahn (2003)

An unpopular figure at the best of times Kahn prompted the outrage of all
Germany for walking out on his heavily pregnant wife to take off with 21-year
party girl Verena Kerth. Tabloids called her 'the pierced party chicken' while
the couple were branded the German answer to Posh and Becks given their habit of wearing matching outfits. Bayern Munich's Uli Hoeness said he wanted to throw up after hearing about the scandal.


4) Ronaldo (2008)

Brazil's finest got nabbed for bringing three transvestite prostitutes back to
his hotel room after dropping his girlfriend home first. The striker got a shock
when he discovered the hookers were all in fact men and an argument kicked off when his male company demanded money to keep quiet. Rio police reported, "Ronaldo admits the facts. He said he just wanted to amuse himself, that's not a crime" while the striker said "this will stain my life


3) Jose Altafini

Running off with his Napoli team-mate Paolo Barison's wife in the 1960s caused an absolute storm on the peninsula. When Mrs Barison moved in with Altafini it generated a tonne of column inches in one of the rare occasions of a sex scandal being widely reported in Italy.

2) Garrincha (1959)

The 'little bird' had outrageous talent on the field and an equally large libido
off it. After lighting up World Cup 1958 he returned a year later to Sweden on
tour with Botafogo and duly got a local girl pregnant. On his return to
Brazil he was greeted by an angry mob and promptly ran over his father in his car before being found drunk at the wheel with no memory of what he'd done. His wife gave birth to his fifth child that year while his Swedish one night stand announced she was carrying his baby also.

Things didn't stop there as seven years later Garrincha walked out on his wife
and eight daughters for a samba singer. The late Brazilian is alleged to have lost his virginity when he was 12 with wait for it... a goat and fathered at
least 14 children in his bed hopping career.


1) Tommy Docherty (1977)

Having just won the F.A. Cup with Manchester United, manager Tommy Docherty looked all set to challenge Liverpool for domestic supremacy. Then he was given the sack for having an affair with the physiotherapist's wife bringing his 27-year marriage to an end with a woman 18 years his junior. The Red Devils said he was in breach of his contract while Docherty pleaded his innocence saying he was being punished for falling in love, having made the announcement in a British tabloid. United took another 16 years to win another league title. The couple, meanwhile, are still together.

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