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'There's something out there!' - Altidore wonders if aliens exist after government publish UFO videos

22:05 BST 04/05/2020
Altidore 2019
Videos recently released by the Pentagon appear to show UFOs and Altidore believes there is clearly something out there

Jozy Altidore believes videos recently published by the United States government may confirm the existence of alien life.

Last week, the Pentagon released three videos captured by infrared cameras on U.S. Navy jets that seem to show mysterious "aerial phenomena".

Recorded during training flights in 2004 and 2015, they show unidentified flying objects moving so quickly that they amaze the pilots watching them.

The videos had previously been leaked and acknowledged as real by the Navy and reported on by media outlets, but they have now been declassified to clarify that they are real.

The release did not garner much attention as the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate headlines across the world, but the story did not sneak by Toronto FC striker Altidore.

The U.S. men's national team forward did his part to promote the story by sharing tweets from news outlets, but was disappointed to see the world ignore potential evidence of aliens.

"That's crazy. I don't think people are paying close attention," the American told Vice Sports. "The U.S. government has just dropped this news on us and no one has noticed. 

"That shows how crazy these times are. They just indicated that they see UFOs flying around, and because of the coronavirus nobody is interested. 

"So I had to tweet that just so people would see it."

The videos may not prove aliens have visited us, but Altidore thinks they show there could be something out there.

"I don't know what to think, but those videos seem to confirm that there is something," he added. 

"Otherwise, all those fighter pilots wouldn't have made those videos. It's really, very clear, otherwise those images wouldn't be there."

It's not just UFOs that are getting the former Sunderland player wound up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Along with his girlfriend, tennis star Sloane Stephens, he is watching the true-crime documentary about a murderer and cat killer on Netflix. 

"We can do a little Netflix and chill, that's all we can do. Sloane and I will keep watching the documentary Don't F**k With Cats," he added.

"That's really creepy sh*t, man."