Stand Red - Here's a chance for Liverpool fans to celebrate the great Bob Paisley

Bob Paisley
Bob Thomas
Standard Chartered are looking to unite Liverpool's past and present by showcasing the great Bob Paisley's story...

The famed lyrics of “The fields of Anfield Road” arouses a sense of credence amongst the supporters of Liverpool. The hymn, a part dedication to Kop hero Bill Shankly, is also a part eulogy to iconic manager Bob Paisley, arguably the Reds’ greatest ever manager. 

It’s the aura, essence and achievement of the great man that the club and Standard Chartered seek to embolden their fraternity with, as part of the #StandRed initiative. 

As part of the centenary commemoration of Paisley’s birthday, LFC’s Main Club Partner has envisaged a revolutionary project to bring the Merseyside legend into the 21st century through a competent cocktail of cinema and technology. 

Through smart technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), alongside the invaluable inputs of Paisley’s progeny, Standard Chartered has sought to help Liverpool supporters experience the gravity of Paisley’s persona and his exploits with the club that make him a football marquee.

A series of five films each depicting facets of the icon’s life has been developed. Titled ‘The Paisley family’, the films will throw light on Paisley’s biggest achievements from the man himself, have Ian Rush – one of his greatest ever signings- reveal dressing room snippets as well as have Jurgen Klopp issue a rallying cry to Liverpool’s immense supporters to ‘Stand Red’ in the 19/20 Premier League campaign. 

Coinciding with the Briton’s 100th birth anniversary celebrations, Liverpool have also paid homage to their gaffer by inscribing his signature on the inside of the neck of every Liverpool home jersey this year. 

Standard Chartered believes in the age-old mantra that to be successful consistently, you have to stay true to your values and roots. Paisley is one such figure who, through exceptional management and strength of character, helped Liverpool win a plethora of trophies - 20 in nine seasons to be precise – all of which are still cherished by fans to this day. 

Standard Chartered seeks to unify Liverpool’s global brethren by utilizing the technology at hand and ensuring that the present generation of Liverpudlians are brought closer to the genesis of their illustrious past.   

Graham Paisley (Bob’s son)  praised the project saying, “It’s been an incredible process to see how this technology works, and also very moving.” 

Rush, the club’s leading goal scorer under Paisley stated, “Bob Paisley was in my opinion the greatest manager, football has ever seen. He made my career and it’s an honour to work with Standard Chartered and be a part of bringing him into 2019, just as Liverpool Football Club enters a new golden era.”

Supporters can expect to watch all five films in the series between November 2019 and January 2020, while also garnering insight about the project – and on Paisley himself – at .