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Ronaldo sculptor back again with Gareth Bale bust

10:19 BST 31/05/2017
Gareth Bale Statue/Bale Bust
The Portuguese creator of the now infamous Cristiano Ronaldo statue has unveiled his latest artwork ahead of the Champions League final in Cardiff

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When the sculptor of the now infamous Cristiano Ronaldo statue came back with a follow-up, the world undoubtedly wondered would it live up to the original.

Emanuel Santos was commissioned by Paddy Power to create a bust of Wales and Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale ahead of the Champions League final, and has produced a masterpiece!

“I have become a bit famous since my Ronaldo artwork with people telling me how much it made them smile, so to bring another famous footballer to life is a true honour," Santos said.

“Maybe I’ll create another one to make it a hat trick as they say in football.”

The bust took 264-man hours to complete, including a whole day of Google image research, weighs 40kg and has an estimated value of £25,000.

Judge for yourself: Is it as good as the original or even better?