'It's false'- Police question reason behind A-League fan's eviction

Another side to the story has emerged

Jubilee Stadium security and police have been slammed for the eviction of a Sydney FC fan on Sunday after he allegedly tried to take his disabled daughter to a nearby bathroom.

Footage of the incident has gone viral with Football Federation Australia investigating the matter in conjunction with the authorities. 

Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Walton has however disputed the reasoning behind the fan's eviction. 

"That man that's been tweeting today, I'm confident he was trying to get into the grandstand on his own, he pushed past some ushers and security, that attracted security and police attention," Walton told 2GB on Monday morning.

"Ultimately he went back to his seating area where, due to his behaviour, he was asked to leave.

"I'm confident it's false, police and security, we're very sensitive to the needs of the disabled at events. 

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"I'm confident that if there was a need for a disabled person to go into an area where they didn’t have a ticket, they’d be facilitated."

The fan in question has been quick to hit back at the claims stressing he was only looking to access the grandstand for his daughter.

Many fans at Jubilee on Sunday night complained about over-zealous security on social media as Sydney FC beat rivals Melbourne Victory 6-1 in an A-League semi-final.