Player Ratings: Bolivia 6-1 Argentina

BOLIVIA (4-4-2)

Arias 5.5 -
Should absolutely have saved the only goal for Argentina. Did well enough otherwise.

Ribeiro 7.5 - Gave the ball away for the equaliser in the first half but was otherwise an impressive influence.

Pena 5.5 - Could have changed the course of the game with some hesitant defending.

Rivero 6 - Saw relatively little of the game but did what he had to do.

Abdon Reyes 8.5 - Utterly superb down the left flank in an attacking capacity until his withdrawal due to injury.

Leonel Reyes 8 - Tough in the tackle but knew just when not to ride his luck. Boisterous.

Ronald Garcia 8.5 - A constant harrier in midfield and one of the main reasons that Argentina had not a single chance to settle down.

Torrico 9 - Well and truly deserved that late goal after a fantastic performance that summed up his attacking prowess.

Da Rosa 8.5 - The passion in this man's play was worth the price of admission alone. Mercifully he backed it up with killer passes and also a goal.

Botero 9.5 - A hat-trick hero against Argentina: how many players can put that on their CV? He deserved every one of his goals for his constant motion.

Moreno 8 - Took that opening goal well and otherwise knew exactly when to head onto through balls, but he could have been a bit more clinical.


Ignacio Garcia 6.5 -
Carried on with decent midfield work.

Saucedo 6.5 - Did what he had to do and added some energy.

Flores N/A


Carrizo 4 - This is not a match in which the 'keeper kept the score down. Carrizo did not inspire confidence.

Zanetti 5.5 - The best of the defenders on show, but still not good enough. So consistent at club level, Zanetti gave away that vital penalty and must be marked down.

Demichelis 4 - Second to every ball and far too eager to dive in to get there. Amateurish, frankly.

Heinze 4 - Too deep and too reactionary, Heinze lacked the ability to calm the game down when it so sorely needed it.

Papa: 5.5 - Cannot be faulted for effort, as he at least tried to make the left-flank his own. However, anything past the halfway line was a bridge too far for him.

Maxi Rodriguez 5 - Played an oddly central role after the opening few minutes, and actually looked comfortable for a while. However, the constant niggling and harrying from the Bolivians saw him fade.

Mascherano 3 - Ought to be ashamed after a completely and utterly anonymous performance. The worst player on the pitch, and that really is saying something. Shiftless.

Gago 5.5 - The best of a bad bunch, Gago at least exercised possession play instead of constantly putting his team under pressure through lost balls.

Lucho Gonzalez 5 - His goal was lucky in terms of the goalkeeping, but he did well to spot the opportunity. Other than this he was lacklustre.

Messi 5 - One of his most disappointing international showings of all time, he made two of his trademark runs and neither ended up with the desired result.

Tevez 4.5 - As luckless as his partner, Tevez faded out even more quickly than Messi and is thus marked down further.


Di Maria 3.5 - For the five minutes he spent on the pitch he was the best Argentine of all. Then he ruined it all with a ridiculous kick-out at an opponent. Childish to the extreme.

Angeleri 5 - Panicky and poor in the distribution.

Montenegro 6 - A piledriver of a free-kick narrowly missed the target. That was Argentina's best moment of the second half. Thanks, Daniel!

Ewan Macdonald,