Parachuting protestor nearly crashes into fans ahead of France v Germany match at Euro 2020

A parachuting protestor nearly crashed into fans at Allianz Arena ahead of Tuesday's Euro 2020 matchup between France and Germany.

With the teams on the field ahead of kickoff, the parachuter flew in and swung dangerously close to fans in the stands before landing on the pitch. 

The person was an activist from environmental organisation Greenpeace and had a message on their parachute saying "Kick Out Oil". They were taken away by stadium security and authorities after landing, and the kick-off of the game as not delayed.

What was said?

In a statement posted on Twitter, Greenpeace explained that the parachuter was aiming to protest Euro 2020 sponsor Volkswagen and their dependence on cars that use fossil fuels.

What happened?

According to German broadcaster ARD, the parachuter damaged technical equipment during his landing after getting tangled in wires connecting the spidercam to the stadium roof, and also injured a lighting technician, who had to be treated by paramedics on site.

Remarkable video footage from inside the Munich stadium shows the protestor flying over the pitch, suddenly changing direction and losing momentum after hitting an obstacle, and swinging very close to the stands before regaining control and landing on the playing surface.

Television footage also showed France manager Didier Deschamps having to take evasive action, ducking into his dugout to avoid falling debris.

Germany defenders Antonio Rudiger and Mats Hummels rushed to the parachuter upon landing, with security coming in shortly afterward to take the person into custody. 

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