'Mourinho could be sent off another six times this season'

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The Manchester United manager has already been dismissed twice in the current Premier League campaign, but 'something has got to change'

Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker believes that Jose Mourinho's touchline antics are having a negative effect on his players.

The Red Devils boss was sent off for the second time this season when he kicked away a water bottle in frustration. Mourinho argued that Paul Pogba should not have been booked for diving, but replays show that the referee's decision was correct.

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Parker feels that the Portuguese manager's poor discipline has carried over from his time at Chelsea, but is worried it will cause further problems at Old Trafford.

"This was always likely to happen, everyone knew when he got the job that he would be a problem," Parker told TalkSport.

“He’s not going to stay quiet and he’s always got to be in the forefront.

“The problems he had at Chelsea were a dressing room issue, a man management issue, and that’s been brought to light at Manchester United as well.

“But something has got to change. This can’t carry on.

“If he doesn’t calm down he could be sent off another six times this season.

“What he’s doing on the sidelines is slowly having an effect on what’s happening on the pitch."

Parker believes that Mourinho needs to lead by example, and that his discipline problems will reflect in the team's performances.

“If he wants his players to be right and do their job properly they need him to be doing his job properly, and that is to become a coach on the touchline and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner," the former England international said.

“That’s not happening at this moment in time.

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“Manchester United need a steady ship and the players are saying all the right things about where the club is heading.

"The problem is they need the manager to be saying the right things, doing the right things and looking like someone who loves his job and can’t wait to get out there.

"But at the moment, Mourinho doesn’t look like someone who’s enjoying himself."