'Your f*cking mother's c*nt' - Monterrey boss Mohamed blasts 'disrespectful' Klopp in expletive-laden rant

Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Mohamed
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Emotions got the better of the Argentine trainer during the clash in Qatar but he claims to have been provoked by his Liverpool counterpart

Monterrey coach Antonio Mohamed has accused Jurgen Klopp of disrespect during last month's Club World Cup semi-final against Liverpool and has admitted directing an expletive-laden rant at the Reds boss.

The reigning world and European champions came out on top against the Mexican outfit in December in Doha, edging past the Liga MX side 2-1 courtesy of goals scored by Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino.

The match was not without its controversies, however, with both coaches having had choice words for the officials following what they saw as dangerous play.

Indeed, Mohamed insinuated that Liverpool shirts “have more weight” after the match, with Joe Gomez in particular arguably lucky not to see a second yellow card in the clash.

But it wasn't just the officials that bore the brunt of the coach's frustrations, as he revealed in an interview that Klopp was also on the end of some rather coarse language in a heat-of-the-moment incident on the touchline after the Reds boss allegedly stuck out his tongue at his opposite number.

Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Mohamed

“What happened is that I was disrespected,” Mohamed told Enganche . “[Klopp] kept asking for yellow cards because he said we were hitting [Mohamed] Salah all the time. Then when I asked for a card to expel one of their players, he stuck his tongue out at me like a p*ssy.

“When I saw him, I laughed at first and then I got a little angry and rose to his bait – then my neighbourhood came out and I lost all elegance and composure.

“If I have to tell you what I said to him... I can't even remember, because I thought if I swear at him in English I won't be myself. 

“So I think I said to him 'Your f*cking mother's c*nt, who have you been f*cking? Q****'.

“I went away because I never fight with the substitutes' benches, but I went crazy because I felt he was trying to disrespect me.

“I don't know if I reacted well or badly, but it came from inside.”