'Mastour has improved since I threatened to knock his teeth out' - Gattuso

Hachim MastourGetty Images

Gennaro Gattuso believes Hachim Mastour has improved at AC Milan since he threatened him with physical violence!

The 19-year-old has yet to make his first-team breakthrough at San Siro, but is well-known to fans worldwide after a number of videos of him performing tricks and dribbles went viral online.

Gattuso and Milan's staff have allowed Mastour to play for the Primavera team instead of the first XI, and the former hard man midfielder claims he is on the right path thanks to a very specific piece of advice.

“We’ve talked a lot lately,” Gattuso said in his press conference.

“I even threatened him because he became more famous for making videos than playing, but he doesn’t do that anymore because I told him I’d knock his teeth out!

“In recent months he’s improved some things in training and we decided to let him play in the Primavera."

Gattuso does not believe that it is too late for Mastour to come good, though he insists he must first learn from his previous errors.

“The train has passed but he’s not 50-years-old, he’s 20-years-old [in June] and I think he has to take stock of his mistakes.

“He needs to play consistently, because we can see he’s lost some match sharpness. I’ve noticed a few improvements though.”