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Man Utd Harry Maguire chant: Lyrics to Red Devils fans' song for the England defender

15:10 BST 16/08/2019
Harry Maguire Manchester United 2019-20
Heading to Old Trafford and want to be sure you know what to sing? Look no further - here's the musical tribute to the Red Devils' number one defender

It didn't take long for Manchester United fans to take Harry Maguire into their loving embrace after his £80 million ($97m) move from Leicester City.

The England international excelled in his first outing at Old Trafford and supporters have been singing his name since as they anticipate happier times ahead.

The Old Trafford faithful have appropriated a song that is sung by England fans in tribute to Maguire, tweaking the words slightly to give it a fitting red colour and it joins a long back catalogue of chants.

Sung to the tune of the Mexican folk song La Bamba, which was popularised in the 1950s by Ritchie Valens, the song features a gratuitous reference to the defender's now famous head.

A catchy number, it is sure to be heard around the grounds in England all season long, or as long as Maguire keeps playing well, at least.

You can see the lyrics and listen to the Harry Maguire chant below. However, be warned, they contain some strong language!

  1. Man Utd Harry Maguire chant lyrics
  2. England Harry Maguire chant lyrics

Man Utd Harry Maguire chant lyrics

M, U, F, C!
Harry Maguire!
Harry Maguire!
He f*cked off Leicester,
For Manchester,
His head's f*cking massive!

The original Harry Maguire song was sung by England fans long before the defender made the switch to Manchester United.

Overall, the structure of the chant is the same, but for some bizarre reason the words to the original one chanted by Three Lions supporters refers to a love of alcohol.

Naturally, there is no mention of the Red Devils in the England version, but the final refrain does indeed admire the size of the defender's useful skull.

The lyrics can be seen below!

England Harry Maguire chant lyrics

One, two, three, four!
Harry Maguire!
Harry Maguire!
He drinks the vodka,
He drinks the jaeger,
His head's f*cking massive!