Malaysia Super League all-time top scorers - Indra Putra, Ashari and MSL goal kings

Indra Putra Mahayudin, Kuala Lumpur v Melaka, Malaysia Super League, 19 Jun 2019
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There has been many goalscorers since the MSL started in 2004 but only these players have a place at the very top of the all-time chart.

Goals excite fans and there has been a total of 6,390 goals scored since the MSL started back in 2004 until the last match played on 16 March 2020 prior to the league suspension.

Throughout this period there has been many variations of the league including number of teams which impacts the number of matches played. 

There was even a period between 2009 and 2011 when foreign players were allowed and trigger-happy clubs when it comes to these imports that meant it was largely locals rule the roost, when it comes to top goalscorers.

Who's the all-time Malaysia Super League top scorer?

A historic moment was etched just slightly over a year ago on 27 April 2019 when Indra Putra Mahayuddin scored for Kuala Lumpur in a Super League match against PKNS FC at Shah Alam Stadium.

KL eventually lost the match 3-2 but it was still a very significant night not only for Indra Putra but also for Malaysian football as that was his century of goals in the competition, the first to achieved so.

That honour is all Indra Putra's, not only did he reach the 100 goals mark last season, he went on to add another two more to the list after that match against Selangor.

Baddrol Bakhtiar, Pahang v Kedah, Malaysia Cup, 26 Oct 2019

Who's still going strong?

Out of the top 10 players in the all-time list, only half of those are still playing in competitive mode, albeit under very different circumstances to each other.

Norshahrul Idlan Talaha is plying his trade in Thailand with BG Pathum United while Indra Putra and Amri Yahyah are both featuring in the Premier League these days.

Only Baddrol Bakhtiar and Safee Sali are still operating in the Super League and may yet add to their account this season when it resumes, even though neither has scored yet in 2020.

Malaysia Super League all-time top 10 goalscorers:

Pos Player Goals Number of clubs
1 Indra Putra Mahayuddin 102 6
2 Ashari Samsudin 84 2
3 Norshahrul Idlan Talaha 70 7
  Amri Yahyah 70 2
5 Marlon Alex James 60 2
  Baddrol Bakhtiar 60 1
7 Francis Forkey Doe 58 5
8 Safee Sali 54 4
9 Keita Mandjou 53 2
  Fadzli Shaari 53 4

* Correct as of 21 April 2020


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