Matchday LIVE: Brighton batter Man Utd as Chelsea draw Wolves

Take a look back at all the key incidents from Saturday's matches in the Premier League

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    It's all over and, with the 4-0 loss to Brighton, Man Utd have officially put together their worst Premier League season ever.

    Their top-four chances are now officially over as an embarassing season continues with an embarassing result for Man Utd.

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    Brighton absolutely cruising

    Just about 10 minutes left and Brighton are cruising.

    Not much pushback for Man Utd, who look resigned to a 4-0 defeat.

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    That kind of day for Man Utd...

    Cavani puts it into the back of the net, but it's called back for offside.

    A frustrated Cavani picks up the ball and hoofs it into the stands.

    That kind of day, huh?

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    Watch:... and Brighton's fourth

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    Watch: Brighton's third...

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    Stop the fight!

    Brighton make it 4-0 just two minutes after scoring their third as Trossard joins the scoring party.

    An absolutely embarassing performance from Man Utd.

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    Man Utd are absolutely crumbling. Brighton, meanwhile, are absolutely flying.

    The scoreline perfectly describes the game, with only one team truly showing up today.

    Gross with the goal, Cucurella with the assist and Ronaldo with another frustrated smile as Man Utd continue to falter against Brighton.

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    Watch: Cucurella's goal makes it 2-0

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    Make it 2-0 Brighton as Man Utd's day has gone from bad to much, much worse.

    The Red Devils are staring down a fifth consecutive away loss.

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    Second half is underway

    Man Utd down a goal. Can they get one back agaisnt Brighton?

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    Mood at Man Utd

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    Brighton up a goal at the half as Man Utd's struggles continue.

    Not much positive for the Red Devils there, who could have been down 2-0 if Welbeck converted.

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    Almost another for Brighton!

    Former Man Utd man Danny Welbeck is so close to a second after a bad touch from Varane.

    The French defender all but plays in Welbeck, but his lofted chip goes just up and over the bar.

    Will Brighton regret that?

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    Caicedo becomes No. 100

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    Meanwhile in the lower leagues...

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    Watch: Caicedo's goal against Man Utd

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    Oh no, Man Utd.

    Brighton are up 1-0 as Caideco megs Lindelof to give his side the lead.

    De Gea would be expected to do better, though, as the Man Utd goalkeeper couldn't dive quick enough to stop the shot.

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    Azpilicueta on Chelsea's ownership situation

    "The team has been completely out of the process," he told Sky Sports. "Our focus has been on the pitch. Of course we are disappointed not to give the first win for him. It is out of our hands so not worth wasting energy on that.

    "Of course we have missed some fans in the stadium and there have been a couple of things but the work on the pitch cannot be excused. Our job is to train the best we can and get the results so that is why we're disappointed.

    "We need to do the basics better. In the last couple of games we have conceded so many goals. The two boxes are the key areas. We scored two then conceded two at home. That is hard. Sometimes you need a 1-0 win.

    "We have not been as sharp or as fluid as we've been before but we scored to go 2-0 and that should have been enough."