Juventus legend offers Ramsey advice on life at Serie A champions

Aaron Ramsey Arsenal 2018-19

Juventus legend Antonio Cabrini has warned Aaron Ramsey that playing in Serie A will be nothing like his Arsenal days, but feels the Premier League in general has developed enough from a tactical point of view over the past few years to give the 28-year-old a good chance of succeeding in Turin.

Ramsey will be leaving Arsenal for Juventus when his contract expires at the end of June, bringing an end to an 11-year spell at the Gunners.

The former Cardiff man will be following in the footsteps of John Charles and Ian Rush with his move to Italy and Cabrini thinks things should be easier for him than they were for his illustrious compatriots due to the growth of the English game.

"Generally speaking, it's been difficult for Premier League players to come to Italy," Cabrini told reporters including Goal at a Betfair event at Allianz Stadium.

"The Premier League's an amazing league, very entertaining, a lot of intensity... But a lot of teams can ignore the tactical side of the game a little bit because they prefer the entertaining physical games. Sometimes players are not on the same tactical level when they move to another league.

"In the last few years, the level of the Premier League has risen a lot, though. Premier League players are in a better position to deal with other styles of play. The league has not just grown when it comes to intensity and physicality, but also tactically. I am actually proud that a small part of this has been down to Italian coaches making an impact in England.

"There are three things a player needs to realise in order to succeed at Juventus. The first two are the same at every club. First of all, you need to be hungry. Secondly, no matter what kind of player you are, it is all about winning. So long as you win, the fans love you.

"Finally, and this is quite specific to Juve, when you are leaving the club, you leave shaking the hands of the manager and chairman and that's it.This isn't like other clubs, where everybody is crying and devastated when a key player leaves. At Juventus, the club always comes first."

Ramsey has signed a contract until 2023 with Juventus. 

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