FUTmas: FIFA 20's Christmas Ultimate Team offers, packs & SBCs

FIFA 20 FUTmas
EA Sports
EA Sports' holiday event returns again for another year with special challenges, gifts and rewards

Christmas is just around the corner, so it's now time for EA Sports' equivalent in FIFA 20: FUTmas.

Instead of a jolly man in a red suit, EA Sports releases special red cards for FIFA Ultimate Team during the month of December.

As well as that, FUTmas has pack offers, gifts and other events during the fortnight before Christmas.

What is the FIFA 20 FUTmas event?

Each day in the lead up to Christmas, EA Sports will release special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) which are only available for 24 hours and contain upgraded players which can be used in your Ultimate Team.

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In previous years, every gamer was also rewarded with a special FUTmas kit, while daily free gifts usually make their return to the Web App and Companion App on mobile devices. To get the free gifts, you will need to log in every day on the app and redeem your prize.

The free gifts include various packs, coin rewards, as well as draft tokens and other items.

When does the FIFA 20 FUTmas event start?

This year, FUTmas will begin on Friday, December 13. 

Up until FIFA 18, it ran for between 10 and 12 days, expiring on Christmas Eve, just like an advent calendar, but this was extended in FIFA 19 to run until December 30.

Every day during FUTmas, new SBCs will be unveiled, as well as limited-time pack offers in the store and other holiday goodies. Be sure to log in every day to check for new rewards and prizes.

FIFA 20 Web App

What SBCs will there be for FIFA 20 FUTmas?

Beginning on Friday, December 13, up to three new players will be added each day that are only available through Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) as well as 55 TOTY nominees in packs, 13 SBCs and 13 Objective Players.

These SBCs are available for 24 hours before being replaced by a new set of three players. The players available through the SBCs receive excellent upgrades and thus the challenges can be expensive to complete.

In the past, the Challenges have been number-based. In FIFA 18, the players in the SBCs were determined by their shirt numbers, while FIFA 19's challenges related to nationality world ranking and club position in the league table.

The promotional image for FUTmas in FIFA 20 features flags from the top 12 nations in FIFA's world rankings, meaning that at least one player from each of these countries (Belgium, France, Brazil, England, Uruguay, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Switzerland) will be available in the daily SBCs.

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Other SBCs will be determined by club ranking, which will probably be based off last season's final positions in each of Europe's top five leagues - Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A.

There will also be special FUTmas players available through Weekly Objectives. For example, two years ago, an upgraded Andy Carroll was one of the rewards and was acquired through heading-based challenges.

In addition to the player SBCs, some challenges also offer packs as a reward. Completing these challenges is usually a much cheaper option than buying the equivalent pack with coins in the store.