'France fans think we've already won' - Deschamps fires warning ahead of Euro 2020 opener

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Didier Deschamps has attempted to play down the hype surrounding his France side going to the European Championship, warning those who think they “have already won" that plenty of hard work lies ahead.

The 2018 World Cup winners are favourites to land this summer’s tournament, with Deschamps possessing a hugely talented squad with depth in all areas.

That has understandably caused excitement among the supporters across the country, something Deschamps is keen to temper before the big kick-off.

What did Deschamps say?

Asked whether not winning the tournament would be considered a failure given the talent at his disposal, Deschamps told Mundo Deportivo : “Right away there is talk of failure. We are world champions. I am aware, and the players are too, of our strengths.

"We have quality, talent, high-level players, but there will also be all of that in front of us.

“We cannot settle into our comfort zone. In France many think that we don't even have to get onto the pitch and we have already won. That is the worst [attitude] for a high-level athlete.

“Beyond quality and talent, there are other essential ingredients on a mental level, such as aggressiveness and determination that allowed us to win in 2018.

"Winning at the highest level is very difficult and staying there is even more so. But we have players with that ambition, [though] we have to prevent them from becoming overconfident.

“You have to go through things in stages. We can't think of [the final at] Wembley today, we have to go to Munich first and Budapest twice.”

Deschamps wary of class of 2000 comparisons

If France do lift the trophy they will match the achievements of 21 years ago, when Les Bleus won Euro 2000 two years after winning the World Cup on home soil.

The side that won in Belgium and the Netherlands was seen as a more mature, well-rounded team than the 1998-winning squad.

Deschamps, who was France captain for both tournaments, is keen to play down direct comparisons with today, though he does feel his current squad, like in 2000, is stronger than the one that became world champions.

“In 1998 there were 18-year-olds who two years later, especially offensively, were more mature and had progressed,” he said.

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“Now I have many players who were in the 2018 squad and have continued, not just young players.

“I don't like to compare. I have no less strength at all levels than in 2018. I would even say that there are more offensive options today than three years ago.”

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