FIFA 23: New celebrations & how to do them

Jota celebration FIFA 23

Marking a goal with a dance or gesture is one of the many fun aspects of FIFA and in FIFA 23, EA Sports has added a number of new celebrations to choose from.

In the past, there have been some iconic celebrations like Cristiano Ronaldo's 'Siiuuu' or Paul Pogba's dab, which became an instant rage amongst the fans. In the latest edition of FIFA, we will get to see a few more, such as Christian Pulisic's 'Eye of the Tiger' or Sam Kerr's 'The Flip'.

It is a part of the latest enhancements in Matchday Experience features, that EA Sports has introduced to FIFA 23.

What new goal celebrations have been added to FIFA 23?

'The Gamer' - Diogo Jota

Diogo Jota's signature celebration that he usually performs after scoring a goal has made its way to FIFA 23. The Portuguese forward has his own esports team, and he celebrates sitting down, crossed-legged as if he is holding a controller and playing a video game. The celebration is called 'The Gamer'.

'The Flip' - Sam Kerr

Chelsea striker Sam Kerr is one of the cover stars of FIFA 23 along with PSG forward Kylian Mbappe. Hence EA Sports has made a point to include her celebration.

The Australia international is famous for her backflip and now gamers will be able to emulate that in the game.

'The Griddy' - Christian Pulisic & Anthony Elanga

'The Griddy' is already a viral celebration in the NFL, courtesy of Allen Davis. It was first executed by Christian Pulisic in a football match after he scored in a Champions League encounter against Lille last season.

Manchester United's Anthony Elanga also did it after scoring in a Premier League match.

It has got simple yet catchy moves which involve hopping on your heels and pulling your hands to the eyes showing an 'OK'. You repeat that after swinging your arms back and forth.

'The Eye of the Tiger' - Christian Pulisic

Pulisic is an innovator when it comes to celebrations and 'The Eye of the Tiger' celebration is another such eye-grabbing act.

The USMNT footballer has a tiger tattoo on his left arm and after scoring a goal he would pull up his arm over his eyes and stand. The eyes of the tiger stand out which lends an intimidating touch to the celebration.

'Low Five & Flex' - Roberto Firmino

Robert Firmino's 'Low Five and Flex' celebration is quite popular among Liverpool fans. He performs this with a teammate where the two players low-five each other, with both hands, and then go on to flex the biceps.

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