FIFA 21: Who are the best free agents in the game?

Aaron Mooy Australia 2019Getty

Career Mode in FIFA 21 allows you to start with a huge cash injection by using the new Financial Takeover option, where you can give up to £500 million to your club for the first transfer window.

For many players, this will feel like cheating as it makes Career Mode too easy. Some hardcore FIFA gamers choose to take charge of teams with no money in lower divisions and look to sign smartly and cheaply to earn their success.

At the start of FIFA 21, there are many free agents on the transfer market you can pick up, as long as you can offer them a suitable contract to entice them to join your team.

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Some well-known names are available for free at the start of Career Mode, including Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy and Russian striker Artem Dzyuba.

Many of these players have the same current rating as their potential rating as they are the wrong side of 30 and thus will only be short-term fixes for many clubs.

Some of the younger, lesser-known players have higher potential ratings, meaning they can be good long-term investments for your club, including Colombian midfielder Wilmar Barrios who can reach an overall rating of 84.

Egyptian striker Mostafa Mohamed is rated at 73 when the game begins but with the right game time and training, can become an 80-rated forward.

It is always worth scouting the free agents before making them a contract offer as then you will know what to offer them during negotations. You will also be able to see their specific attributes, including pace and skill moves, to determine whether they are the right fit for your club.

Who are the best free agents to sign on FIFA 21?

PlayerAgePosition(s)Current RatingPotential Rating
Juiano Mestres24CB, CDM8181
Wellington Dano20LB, LM8181
J Serendero32GK8080
J Frendado36CB, CDM8080
M Baldona36CDM, CM8080
S Mandiquez31ST8080
S Ardero32CAM, LM, LW8080
L Dalves28ST, CF8080
M Nerez32LB, LM8080
E Schetino28CB8080
J Sildero28CAM, RM8080
W Barrios26CDM, CM7984
E Guichon32LB, LM7979
R Di Leonardo24RB, RM7979
E Riquero32CDM, CM, CAM7979
L Sareda28GK7979
A Dzyuba31ST7979
D Lenzado32CB, LB7878
E Aguerro32ST7878
S Luna32RB, RM, CM7878
M Ozdoev27CDM, CM7778
J Herreria32RB, RM7777
K Berlaso32RB7777
L Baezo32CDM7777
F Contedo36CAM, CF7777
Y Zhirkov36LB, LM7777
V Castro28CDM, CM7777
H Moreno32CB7777
J Farfan35RM, ST7777
D Kuzyaev27CM, CDM, RM7677
A Zamorado39LM7676
J Monsario35CB7676
A Piriz42CAM, CF7676
S Petrov29RB7676
H Perez31RM, LM7676
A Mooy29CM, CAM7676
T Hamed31CDM, CM7676
V Claesson28CAM, LM, CM7676
M Normann24CDM, CM7581
Y Gazinskiy30CDM, CM7575
A Aguilmera34CB7575
P Vaquizo34RW7575
P Darenas36GK7575
G Ichazo28CB, RB, LB7575
D Pamanes32ST, CF7575
M Borjan32GK7575
V Karavaev25RB7477
M Mohamed22ST7380
K Despodov23RM, ST, LM7379
M Degenek26CB, CDM7378
R Sobhi23LM, LW7278

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