FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream: Rulebreakers promotion start time & offers revealed

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FIFA Ultimate Scream 21
EA Sports
The annual event is back for another season with a new look and name in FIFA 21

FIFA Ultimate Scream is set to return for another season in FIFA 21, but looks to have gotten a make-over from previous seasons.

It's one of the highlights of the FIFA calendar and gamers have been eagerly awaiting its release before Halloween.

What is FIFA Ultimate Scream?

FIFA Ultimate Scream has been a key part of FIFA Ultimate Team every year in October in the lead-up to Halloween.

In the past, the promotion usually featured players who get 'scary' upgrades, often receiving major boosts to pace or physical stats.

This year, EA Sports teased the promotion with a banner containing the letters "R----R-----S" with members of the FIFA community claiming that it would be called "Resurrections" before EA confirmed the official title: Rulebreakers.

With Rulebreakers being the theme this year, there has been some speculation that players could receive position changes or have their attributes swapped.

When will FIFA Ultimate Scream start?

The FIFA Ultimate Scream started on Friday, October 23 at 6pm BST (1pm ET) and will last for at least a week.

In FIFA 20, the promotion ran for two weeks, with a different Ultimate Scream squad being released each week.

New Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives will also be announced at 6pm on October 23 to tie in with the launch of the event.

Who is in the FIFA Ultimate Scream squad?

It is expected there will be two separate squads for FIFA Ultimate Scream this season, with the first set of upgraded players launched on Friday, October 23.

EA Sports confirmed the promotion would be called 'Rulebreakers' and teased three cards on October 22.

The FIFA 21 Ones to Watch players were released in two separate squads and Rulebreakers have continued this approach.

Featuring the likes of Harry Kane, Douglas Costa and Dries Mertens, the squad features several top players with boosted stats in areas that make them differ from their normal style of play.

On October 30, the second set of players were revealed to include the likes of Angel Di Maria, Paul Pogba and Patrick Van -Aanholt.

How do I get FIFA Ultimate Scream players?

The majority of FIFA Ultimate Scream players will be available in packs sold on the store and then traded on the transfer market.

The players chosen for the FIFA Ultimate Scream squads will be only available through packs.

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However, additional upgraded players will be released through Squad Building Challenges and weekly Objectives throughout the Halloween period.

These SBC and Objective players are untradeable and cannot be bought or sold on the transfer market.