FIFA 20 Scream: Halloween offers on Xbox One, PS4 & Ultimate Team revealed

FIFA 20 Scream
EA Sports/ Goal
In true Halloween spirit and to celebrate the season of ghosts and ghouls, EA Sports have introduced Ultimate Scream teams

With FIFA 20 having been released for about a month, EA Sports are introducing an exciting new Ultimate Team (FUT) mode in-keeping with the Halloween spooky spirit.

EA Sports have launched this year's Ultimate Scream team, in-keeping with their launches in FIFA 19 and FIFA 18.

Goal brings you everything you need to know about the 'shape-shifting' players, which players are involved in the teams, how to acquire them and more.

  1. What is FIFA Ultimate Scream?
  2. FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream squad
  3. When & how can you get FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players?
  4. How does the FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream upgrade work?
  5. Are FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players tradable?
  6. When are FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players released?

What is FIFA Ultimate Scream?

FIFA Ultimate Scream is a promotion run by EA Sports in an October as one of the perks of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode in the build-up to Halloween.

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A small selection of players are given a skills upgrade to their overall rating as well as boosts to their individual stats.

In previous versions, the boosts were only temporary, such as last season's 'shape-shifting beasts' whose improved attributes changed throughout the year, but in FIFA 20, the boosts are temporary and remain all year.

In addition to improvements to ratings, each Ultimate Scream item comes with a bespoke Halloween-themed design.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream squad

A total of 21 players will eventually form the FIFA Ultimate Scream team, they are drawn from a variety of different leagues worldwide.

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is the highest-rated of the Week One team, alongside Tottenham's Dele Alli and Roma's Edin Dzeko.

Ibrahimovic Scream FIFA 20

Other players who feature in the first wave of the promotion are Bayern's Thomas Muller, LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Liverpool mainstay James Milner.

You can see the full FIFA Ultimate Scream squad and their FIFA 20 ratings below.

Ultimate Scream Week One

Player Club Position Overall rating
Nicolas Otamendi Manchester City CB 85
Alessio Romagnoli AC Milan CB 86
Marcel Sabitzer RB Leipzig CAM 85
Raphael Guerrero Borussia Dortmund LM 85
Bernard Everton LM 84
Deli Alli Tottenham CAM 87
James Rodriguez Real Madrid CAM 88
William Carvalho Real Betis CDM 86
Thomas Muller Bayern Munich CAM 88
William Carvalho Real Betis CDM 86
Edin Dzeko Roma ST 87
Zlatan Ibrahimovic LA Galaxy ST 88
Jesus Navas Sevilla RM 85
James Milner Liverpool CM 86
Sergio Aguero Manchester City ST 91

Ultimate Scream Week 2

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has been included in the second week of Ultimate Scream, released on October 25. Lorenzo Insigne also makes an appearance in the deck, in addition to Liverpool star Roberto Firmino and Celta Vigo's Iago Aspas.

Additionally, Mesut Ozil is also an available card through Objectives.

Julian Draxler is also in SBCs.

Player Club Position Overall rating
Toni Kroos Real Madrid CM 90
Lorenzo Insigne Napoli CF 89
Roberto Firmino Liverpool CF 88
Iago Aspas Celta Vigo ST 87
Dimitri Payet Olympique de Marseille CAM 86
Kevin Gameiro Valencia ST 86
Kieran Trippier Atletico Madrid RB 85
Adama Traore Wolves RW 85
Jerry St. Juste Mainz CB 84
Gary Medel Bologna CDM 84
Diego Laxalt Torino LM 84
Mesut Ozil Arsenal CAM 87
Julian Draxler PSG CAM 86

When & how can you get FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players?

Aguero Scream Team

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players are hidden in packs right now, starting from the promotion's launch on October 18.

FUT gamers can get their hands on these players until November 1, when the promotion ends after Halloween.

Some of the players are available by completing objectives or Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). The upgraded Edin Dzeko can only be acquired by completing a collection of themed Weekly Objectives titled 'Scream Dzeko' which includes challenges like "Score a goal from a cross using a Serie A player in 4 separate Rivals matches."

The upgraded versions of Hulk, James Milner and Jesus Navas were only available through SBCs for a limited time. These cards are untradable, meaning they cannot be purchased on the transfer market once the SBCs expire.

How does the FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream upgrade work?

With the latest release, all Ultimate Scream players will receive permanent upgrades which last throughout FUT 20, with each Scream Team player receiving a different combination of upgrades.

Are FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players tradable?

Ultimate Scream players found in packs are tradable, but ones acquired through SBCs or objectives cannot be bought or sold.

Users can also acquire them from the Transfer Market, which begins on October 18.

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When are FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream players released?

The first batch of Scream Team players will be lurking in packs starting from Ultimate Scream until October 25 and through Halloween.

A second team of players will be found in packs from October 25, while all the players have been added to packs from October 31 until the end of the event on November 3.